Yagoda And Malina Villas In Borovets: One Of Our Favorite Places
Yagoda and Malina Villas in Borovets: one of our favorite places

We are the type of travelers that like unique places with their own style and…

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The Cave Of St. Ivan Rilski: A Sacred Place
The cave of St. Ivan Rilski: a sacred place

We took a few steps into the deciduous forest. Walking in absolute silence, we were…

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Yastrebets Lift, Or How To Climb Musala Peak In A Day
Yastrebets lift, or how to climb Musala peak in a day

Musala peak is the highest peak in Rila Mountain and on the Balkans peninsula. For the…

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The Dancing Bears Park In Belitsa: A Sad Story With A Happy Ending
The Dancing Bears Park in Belitsa: a sad story with a happy ending

Dancing bears. Bulgaria's shameful past. Something as historically embarrassing as Hitler is for Germany, and…

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Green Wood Hotel & Spa: Made For Relaxation
Green Wood hotel & spa: made for relaxation

After recently coming back from an exhausting trip to Slovenia we were in a desperate…

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We (kind Of) Visited The Summer Residence Of Queen Elizabeth
We (kind of) visited the summer residence of Queen Elizabeth

Well, maybe we didn't exactly visit her summer residence but we saw her carpet. The…

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