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Renting A Car In The UK
Renting a car in the UK: lessons learned

Last month I had not one, but two business trips to the UK. The trips,…

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The Holy Grail Of Luggage Storage
The Holy Grail of luggage storage for travellers and explorers

Remember that time when you had the option to use an easy luggage storage but…

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Complex Zhitari
Complex Zhitari: when you need to escape the city life

Couple of days before Easter work pressure caught up with me. I love my job…

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Ice Skating
Ice skating, Sofia (rinks, working times & prices)

Ice skating is without a doubt one of our most favorite things to do during…

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Sending Flowers To Bulgarian Girl Friend
What flowers to send to your Bulgarian friend and girlfriend

If you've come to this link hoping to see an answer to the question "Should…

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Autumn In Ljubljana
19 pictures proving that Slovenia is a fairytale land

Couple of years ago I arrived in Ljubljana at 4 o’clock in the morning. The…

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Bulgarian map

Want to explore Bulgaria?

We understand – we’ve done a lot of it (exploring Bulgaria that is). Which is why we’ve crafted a map to help you locate the coolest information about the areas you’re interested in!