In the media

We don’t show up in media all the time, but when we do it’s a bang 😀 Check out our media appearances here:

“Before noon” on bTV (national television)

Why we dress alike, how we got hooked on travelling, and what it’s like to work as a bartender on a New Year’s eve fetish party in London… Yup, we do have some incredible stories to tell.

Milen Tsvetkov’s Hour, Nova TV (national television)

This TV host is well-known for his provocative way of thinking and for challenging his guests. This debate was titled “Is it worth staying in Bulgaria” and the only thing that I, Nina, regret is that he did not allow us enough time to truly​ explore the topic. So, if you’re a TV host reading this – we’re more than ready to continue the discussion!

Egoist: Кого да следваме в социалните мрежи, ако искаме да знаем всичко за пътешествията?

One of the coolest things in the world is when you get recognition for what you do, without even realizing that people care. Once again , we’d love to thank Egoist online magazine for including us in the list of people to be followed if you want to know everything about travelling!

Are you a media representative and want to get in touch? Please, do!