About us – Nina & Ellie Alexander | The Sisters

Hello, and welcome to our digital world!

Since this is a travel and Lifestyle blog / website, we believe it’s important for you to know the people behind it. So, this is us, Nina and Ellie Alexander. We’ll try to keep this short, yet give you as much information as possible.

Why sharing our stories? Did we simply buy into the whole “travel blogging” madness?

We started this blog for 2 major reasons: a) to promote sisterhood and closeness between siblings, and 2) to have a place where we share travel tips and tricks with you, our reader, so we don’t have to explain the same thing over and over again. Yup, you can say it’s somewhat out of laziness, but try telling a story 10 times. You end up forgetting things or simply being bored out of your mind from repeating the same thing over and over again.

As for the travel blogging madness – it will go away. Our desire to share information about the gorgeous places we go to or simply express thoughts and emotions, however, will last.

What do we care about in life?

Before everything else, we care about our family and about each other. Anytime a member of our family needs help, each one of us puts everything else on hold and rushes to assist. We love each other as we are, with our flaws and imperfections, and with all our bad decisions. Learning to love this way is a tough task, yet having this ability is the most glorious feeling ever.

How do we like to travel? What’s our travel style?

Since the biggest part of this blog is travel, you should know more about our travel style. We like to describe it as comfort style. We are not into this “hitchhike your way accross the world” thing because we work hard and when we rest, we demand comfort. On the other hand, pretentious luxury annoys the hell out of us because we find the demonstration of financial wealth as a sign of a really bad taste. What we’re trying to say here is that whenever we travel we do our best to find a place that has all the basics and welcome everything above that. We’re equally happy in mountain chalets and in luxurious SPA hotels.

SPA or hiking?

A combination. We did this combo once when we went to the 7 Rila Lakes and it started pissing it down on us. We rushed back (mostly sliding on our bums after falling) and spent the rest of the day in the mineral water swimming pools in Sapareva Banya. Ever since we aim to combine hiking with SPA and get the best of both worlds. If we have to choose one, however, we’d have to wish SPA a pleasant life and pack our backpacks.

Mountains or sea?

Definitely mountains. Not even discussing. Sea is lovely but there’re two problems with it: a) there is sand; and b) we get bored on the second day.


We like commercial music and we’re not ashamed to admit it. Music-shaming these days is sometimes worse than body-shaming. To all music-shamers we got one thing to say: it’s our life (and it’s now or never)!

Why haven’t we gone to the States yet?

Well, you might get surprised, but other than several places included on our bucket list, nothing really attracts us to the States. Don’t get us wrong, we are sure there’s a ton of amazing things to see and do there and lovely people. We simply don’t feel attracted to the cultural side of it. Funny thing, given that most of the music we listen to is American. Well, one day we’ll probably do a road trip there.

Attitude towards life?

Love. And no BS. We’ve done our fair share of mistakes and one of the most common ones has been putting up with others’ demands and desires because we’ve been afraid it would be rude to say no. Today, we say whatever we think and we try not to judge. Sometimes people get offended, but that’s a risk we’re willing to take.

Well, well, well… Who got carried away here! We’re women, so naturally, we can talk about ourselves for hours! But, as for now, we think the above said is good enough to start with. If you have any questions for us – we’d be happy to answer. Shoot us an email or drop us a message on Facebook.