What we use?

The websites we use to plan our holidays

We love planning the holidays way in advance. It allows us to prepare emotionally for what we’re about to do and see, learn something about the historical sites we’re about to visit, and dive into the expectation of the trip. To be able to plan well there are several websites we check absolutely every time prior to going somewhere. This page will introduce you to the regular ones. Come back here every now and then because we’ll keep on adding unformation.


We’ve heard people say that the website is not so popular anymore, yet we still check it out. It does give a very good idea of the accomodation options in an area and although we rarely use it to make a booking, we do check out the pictures and details. As for the reviews – we don’t really trust these so much because we’ve come to realize that for someone to come back to a website and review an accomodation they are either pissed or super happy. Either way it is doubtful if the information can be trusted.


If all of the reviews are awesome – they’re fake. If all of the reviews are bad – they’re fake. The only way to know that it is genuine is when you have a variety of opinions. The same rule of the pissed/happy visitor that applies to Booking.com is also valid here. Nonetheless, there is a lot of well-structured information that we benefit from.

Bg Vakancia

This website is in Bulgarian but it provides a lot of amazing information on villas and guest houses that you can stay at everywhere in Bulgaria. What we love about it is that the information is well-structured and you don’t have to go through the hasstle of picking exact dates. You can simply check out the prices and conditions everywhere and even adjust your holiday dates to get a better deal!

Mountain Forecast

This website is the designer’s nightmare and it’s not even optimized for mobile. Nonetheless, it is one of the most accurate sources of information when it comes to mountain weather. Like the design of it, or not – it’s really useful!

Weather Webcam

This website is also particularly for Bulgaria and lists all the webcams around the country, which allow you to see the weather in real time. It comes pretty handy when you’re thinking about visiting a place nearby and want to check what’s the weather there.