Retro Museum Varna – following in the steps of communism

Flying back home is always exciting. After spending over 12 years in UK, going back to Bulgaria is not only a trip to the people I love. It’s a trip back in time – too many memories from my teen years fill the streets of Bulgaria, and specifically – Varna. Varna to me is the…

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The end of Bulgaria, still holds the magic: Asen’s Fortress

Since the very first time we went to the Kosovo Houses Complex in the Rhodope mountain we keep recommending it to everyone we meet. It’s absolutely lovely and the closeness of some incredible places that you can visit only makes it more appealing when you’re planning a holiday in Bulgaria. One of the places we…

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Bulgarian Starbucks’s sweet little secret

Lately I have developed a serious addiction for Starbucks’ White Mocca – I ❤ this coffee with a passion and I can have it as many times per day as I pass near a Starbucks (I must be turning into a hipster). As a person who’s lived abroad it has always been bugging me, however, that they don’t offer any…

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The Eyes of God cave (Prohodna Cave): a MUST SEE!

The first time we saw pictures from the Eyes of God cave (Prohodna cave) we didn’t even realize it’s located in Bulgaria. Luckily, it is. And the best part: it’s only about an hour drive from Sofia (112km)! How to get to the “Eyes of God” (Prohodna) Cave? To our knowledge there is no bus, nor any…

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How we celebrate Bulgarian Easter

As you may know, Bulgarians are Orthodox Christians, and Easter here is usually during a different time than the rest of the world. If you are on the territory of Bulgaria during our Easter (this year it begins on the 28th of April and ends on the 2nd of May) get  ready for a massive celebration…

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The Cross Forest: the place that makes dreams come true

Whether you believe in miracles or not, we all face times in our lives when we most certainly need one. Be it because we’re praying for a better job, a child, a cure to a disease we have or simply for a better world, turning to our own form of God is simply inevitable. I…

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Where do Bulgarian travel bloggers go on holidays?

Whether you hate us, travel bloggers, or you love us, the one thing you can’t deny is that what we do is quite useful. People reach out to us when searching for information for various places or when looking to plan a crazy new adventure in a location they’ve never been to before. The other fact that’s…

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Bachkovo Monastery: probably the most magical monastery in Bulgaria

Do you believe that monasteries are not built on random locations (especially the old ones)? I certainly do. We, human beings, are definitely way more logical and hence perhaps more intelligent nowadays (if this is really what intelligence is about). However, in the 21st century, I honestly believe we’re way too far from our roots,…

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Going to the 7 Rila Lakes in Rila Mountain (useful tips)

One of our most favorite destinations, the 7 Rila Lakes, is without a doubt also one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria. Spending several days in the Sapareva Banya and dedicating one of those days to the lakes is an amazing idea, but did you know you can also add them to your list of day trips…

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You wouldn’t tell Americans that Kennedy was like Don Quichotte

The other day (on the 19th of February) in Bulgaria we marked 143 years from the hanging of Vasil Levski – a national hero, also called The Apostle of Freedom. He was one of the leaders of the revolutionary movement to free Bulgaria from the Ottoman ruling which lasted 500 years. As a member of a…

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That (thai) massage that made me snore

When you’re born to a Bulgarian family (not the modern ones though), you grow up knowing that you have got to be tough. Even though Bulgarians are known for complaining a lot (from the government, from their salaries, from their neighbors), whining in front of your family members when you’re sick isn’t a welcomed behavior.…