Healing Hunger: the detox that helps you feel and look amazing

Ellie and I have always enjoyed food. Our preference is strictly home-cooked meals and that has a lot to do with our love for old-school values. We firmly believe that when the family spends time preparing their food together the meal is always a joy. Especially when you cook from scratch and use the cooking time to talk and laugh with the people that love you most.

The sad reality, however, is that we can no longer enjoy these meals as often as we would like. Living in the rat race dictates that every now and then a quick sandwich or a wrap is ingested on the go. And although this food may also appear delicious, we certainly don’t enjoy the bloating it usually causes. But what do you do when it’s been too long since you last felt your body normal?

We opted for a detox!

Who has created the program we’re following?

The regime was created by the Bulgarian healer Lidia Kovacheva. At the age of 30 she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. As a result of the treatment she received Lidia soon develops a series of other illnesses and not long after was told that she’ll only live for another 2-3 months. Feeling her body bloated and unhealthy Lidia decided to take matters into her own hands and become the “eternal medical student” as she often called herself. Long story short, Lidia passed away at the age of 88. Throughout her entire life she was healthy, bubbly, energetic, and always in great shape.

Why and how does this detox help?

Lidia believes (and so do we) that the body has the unique ability to cure itself, yet the numerous substances we constantly intake are preventing the healing processes by exhausting the energy of the body. The chemicals in the food, the processed ingredients and the large portions exhaust our organisms and they have very little strength to battle the diseases when they knock on our door.

We wouldn’t go as far as Steve Jobs and refuse a surgery when it’s needed, but we most certainly believe that a restart of the system every now and then can help prevent the development of serious issues. Other than that, we plan on continuing to enjoy pasta, pizza, moussaka and tarator (Bulgarian dishes which we’ll soon introduce), sarmi, banitsa, and all the rest of the deliciousness that is out there.

The Healing Hunger regime

For the healing hunger to work all food intake is terminated for as long as the hunger will last. The only thing allowed is herbal tea (with honey and/or lemon when needed) and up to 800gr of fruits per day. Tea and fruits need to be alternated with at least 2h between each intake. The purpose of this is to avoid any possible fermentation that can happen in the stomach.

How does the healing hunger work?

When the intake of food is terminates the organism goes on an auto-feed mode, cleansing the excess which was stored for no good reason.

How long?

It is up to each one of us to determine the duration of the hunger, however, for it to have a medical effect it should be no less than 20 days, 2 to 4 times per year. Nonetheless, even shorted periods of time will have amazing results. From the 2nd day of the hunger the body starts clearing out the extra fat around the waste and the hips. After the 8th day the body begins removing the toxins from the organs, the deposits in the colon, and more. The cells in the entire body speed up the regeneration process and quickly remove any excess. After the 15th, 16th day of the healing hunger the regeneration processes in the areas of the eyes and ears also take place.

The results

Weight loss starts from day one. Depending on the organism a person can lose 3 to 5 kg (some even more). The senses are sharpened and the overall health of the body significantly improved. The skin starts glowing, nervousness disappears, and energy levels are rising.

What happens during the hunger?

The hunger is really hard in the beginning. The first 4-5 days were probably the worst for us with headaches appearing out of the blue and a general lack of energy. We were constantly hungry. After the 5th-6th day it became slightly better, however, I will not lie that a hell of a lot of determination is required. Tracking weight loss and body measurements daily does help.

The journals of Lidia claim that some people may have pain in specific organs, or some acne appearing, which is only to confirm how much the body really needs the cleanse. Ellie and I experienced none of that (luckily), but if you decide to go ahead don’t let it discourage you.

Feeding-in back to normal

Whatever you do, DON’T EAT A LOT after you’ve been hungry for a few days. This can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and sometimes even more serious problems. Feeding-in is a slow process and should be followed carefully. If you plan on skipping it, don’t start the healing hunger at all!

Here’s the program:

Day 1 from feeding in – the intake of food remains as previously, but one of the fruits is replaces by a vegetable. The vegetable should be shopped on very small pieces and/or chewed very well.

Day 2 – the items remain the same, but the quantities are increased.

Day 3 – add a boiled potato or some steamed vegetables.

Day 4 – on this day the following can be done:

  • Morning – tea and after a while a fruit;
  • Lunch – a small salad without much salt and oil (just a little bit of olive oil perhaps);
  • Afternoon – tea and fruit;
  • Evening – salad.

Day 5 – Like Day 4.

Day 6 – whole-wheat bread can be added to the meals.

Day 7 – some nuts can also be added to the meals.

Day 8 – if you eat dairy this is the time to add it to the meals, but just in very small quantities.

Day 9 – beans, peas, lentils can be added to the meals

Day 10 – after this day begin eating with the following schedule:

  • Morning: have only fruits and tea. Avoid the heavy breakfast which takes too much energy from the body.
  • Lunch: opt for salads and as much fresh food as you can. This will help you stay energetic all day instead of feeling sleepy.
  • Dinner: the dinner should also be as light as possible and not consumed very late, as late-night meals are the cause for waking up tired in the morning.

If you eat meat, add it to your diet gradually after the 10th day of feeding-in to your normal regime. If you practice hunger for 20 days feeding-in should be no less than 10. If you practice it for 10 days feeding-in should be 5 days, etc.

15 days in – here’s how we feel

Today Ellie and I are particularly hungry. It’s really more of a mind thing than an actual hunger. In reality, we’ve come to realise that much less food is needed for us to operate normally and the serious portions we’d typically eat are pure gluttony. We have already lost about 5kg each and our clothes feel quite loose which is actually a great feeling. I won’t lie when I say that we’re eager to get back to normal food. Funny enough, the things we miss the most are bread & cheese.

If you decide to give this regime a go, do drop a comment below and let us know how you’re feeling. Good luck <3

By Nina Alexander

Nina is the big sister. She's a marketing professional by day, traveler by heart, tech geek, bookworm, beer lover and an amateur photographer. Her motto is Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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Привет,сестра ми се отърва от 30годишен псориазис…аз съм на 7-мия ден ,не чувствам глад ,не ходя по голяма нужда всеки ден ,но тя пише в книгата си ,че не е нужно клизми ,като при другите форми на глад-Пол Брег,например.много е важно ,след това да не се върнете към предишния си начин на хранене,и да го правите на три месеца веднъж,за по тежки заболявания .Аз очаквам да се отърва от анемия и от миома в матката..стискам палци на всички 😉

Здравей Анелия, много ти благодарим, че споделяш личната си история, опит, и знания на темата. Искрено вярваме, че това ще позволи на бъдещите читатели да придобият много по-подробна и пълноценна информация. Много бихме се радвали ако ако ни държиш в течение. Би било страхотно да разберем:

– как се чувстваш преминавайки през това приключение?
– какви предизвикателства срещаш, физически и емоционални?
– какво ти е лесно, какво не толкова, и какво истински те затруднява?
– как се чувстваш след преминаването на цялата програма, усещаш ли вече настъпили промени, в желаната от теб посока?

Желаем ти огромен успех и сила по време на това изпитание и силно вярваме, че ще се справиш блестящо!

Нина и Ели

Hi. Ism from montreal. Very dnoey weather. Not too much excersise. Iam on my 2nd day starvation. Only 800grm fruits and some honey and lemon. I was never hungry. I will eat out of boredom. Now during covid19, I gained 15 ibs. I am very surprised that ism not as hungry as I though I will be. Wish me luck to continue this diet. At least 20 days.

Hi Mary-Claude, we wish you all the best of luck! We believe in you and know you can do this! The tea is an extremely essential part of the process. The warm liquid gives you the pleasant filling sensation to make things easier. We would love for you to keep us posted on how things are going. Do you feel any health improvements, and of course, being women, we are more than curious to know how much weight you will lose. 🙂

P.S. Pay special attention to the feeding-in process and do your best to stick to salads for as long as possible. It is very easy to gain back, so if you rush to get back to your regular diet, you might lose everything you’ve achieved.

Здравейте, сблъсквали ли сте се със запек по време на режима и ако да, търся насоки как да отреагирам.

Здравей, Румяна!

Сблъсквали сме се с този проблем не един път и май му намерихме цаката – предстои да започнем да споделяме много информация по темата. Това, което мога да кажа в коментар е, че запека е едно от най-гадните неша, които могат да се случат. Не само, че човек се чувства зле, но и трови организма отвътре. Двете най-бързи решения са клизма, която горещо препоръчваме дори на регулярна база (всеки 2 седмици например) или ако имаш желание да комбинираш със спорт, вземи си тежък обръч и върти по 20мин на ден (но трябва да си редовна). Масажа, който обръча прави на стомаха изчиства много добре (продават се в Декатлон на сносни дени)!

Пожелаваме ти успех и ще се радваме да споделиш впечатления 🙂

Нина и Ели


Знаете ли някой да е излекувал розацея или рейно с този режим?

Здравей Валя,

Извинявай за забавения отговор. При нас режима подейства за изчистване от токсини, но далеч не е единствения метод. При Ели помогна значилно със симптомите на себорея, но дали би било така при други не можем да кажем. За съжаление колкото повече се движим във времето, толкова повече осъзнаваме, че краткосрочни режими помагат лимитирано, но не решават трайни проблеми. Истината се съдържа в смяна на начина на живот, което само по себе си е адски трудно…

Това, което мога да ви посъветвам е да се стремите към колкото е възможно по-естествени продукти и материали във всяко отношение и да НЕ се тормозите от чувство на вина когато не се получава – изглежда като че емоционалния баланс да е по-важен от всичко друго.

Успех с лечението – ще стискаме палци.

Нина и Ели

Здравейте момичета. Случайно попаднах на сайта Ви докато търсех нещо за гладолечението на английски за една англоговоряща приятелка. Много е хубав и с удоволствие прочетох и другите ви постове. Ще продължа да Ви следя със сигурност.
Аз правя гладолечение за втори път – първият път беше 8 дни преди 15 години и имаше доста добър лечебен ефект въпреки краткия перио. Сега съм на ден 7ми и се надявам да успея поне 10дни да издържа. Глада си е голям но вие знаете. Слънчев ден 🙂

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