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Yagoda and Malina Villas in Borovets: one of our favorite places

We are the type of travelers that like unique places with their own style and spirit. This is why we think that the Kosovo Houses Complex is perhaps the most beautiful hotel in Bulgaria; why we LOVE the warmth and spirit of Levana Guest house, and why we bow before the genius concept of Villa Vuchev in Velingrad.

But there is one more place we love and it’s finally time to tell you about it. It is located in Borovets and is our escape place every time we need to truly relax.

Mind you, the place we’re about to tell you is for cool people only!

So. What I am referring to is the Malina and Yagoda Village in Borovets. I know, I know. It is no 5 stars hotel. Actually, it is a bunch of bungalows in 2 different styles on the left and on the right side of the main road.

Villas Yagoda

Yagoda and Malina vary quite a bit in style and are convenient in different situations. The houses in Yagoda are on one floor, consisting of a large room with either a double or a single bed, a kitchen box and a dining table. The second bedroom is separated only via a curtain and has 2 bunk beds in it and very little more room. All houses have a deck in front and of course a nice size bathroom with a toilet.

Villas Malina

These little houses are the so-called Alpine style. Most of them are for 4 people, consisting of a living room with a couch and a coffee table plus a separate kitchen and a bathroom on the first floor, and two separate bedrooms on the second floor. Few of the houses also have an additional double (or 2 single) bed(s) on the first floor and can accommodate 6 people. The bedrooms on the second floor are separated, so this type of houses is perhaps most convenient for few couples traveling together. If you decide to book make sure you ask for the right beds arrangement – some of the houses have one bedroom with a double bed and one with 2 singles, while others only have single beds.

Why do we love Yagoda and Malina so much?

We’re not into the flashy demonstration of wealth, but we do enjoy our comfort. And that’s exactly what we have there – the absolute total comfort of both, the body and the mind. Waking up in either Yagoda or Malina is a magnificent experience. You walk out and regardless of the season the air is always fresh with the mild, soothing aroma of the pine trees. Squirrels cheerfully jump from a tree to tree while the sun is sending random rays through the crowns of the trees. This place is a little heaven. You can prepare your coffee* and enjoy it on the veranda hearing nothing else but the music of the forest.
*There are no coffee machines in the houses, but you can bring instand coffee and some milk with you (there’s fridge and a kettle in each house).

The restaurant offers a variety of simple breakfasts, priced at about 4-5 leva each. If you’re not a fan of instant coffee, you can also have an espresso there or a warm cup of tea.

We usually use Yagoda and Malina as a base to go to the 7 Rila Lakes, but you can also use stay there if you are planning to visit Tsari Mali Grad, conquer Musala, or simply rest your mind from the city buzz.

So why did I say it is for cool people only? Well, Yagoda & Malina is not for princesses, nor for princes. It is basic and doesn’t contain anything that is close to the modern understanding of luxury. But this is exactly what we love about it.

Why should you stay there?

Please excuse my honesty, but if you’re asking yourself this question, perhaps you shouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just want to keep it to myself only, but I love this place and it breaks my heart when people can’t see how amazing it is, just because it’s not their style. So if by now you’re still wondering, you might be better off picking one of the many absolutely amazing hotels in Borovets.

Additional info:

Windows: some windows cannot be opened unless you get a special tool from the reception. They won’t deny giving it to you, so just go and ask.

Hot water: each house is equipped with its own water heater but it is not ennourmous. Have this in mind if you’re four people planning to shower one after the other – the last one might need to wait for a little until the water heats up.

Heating: every house has these little radiators that do miracles! Within 15 minutes of turning them on you’ll feel like in a sauna.

Air conditioning: just open the windows – you’re in the forest and it’s never going to be as hot as in Mladost.

Barbecue: in front of each house there is a special fireplace where you can have your very own barbecue. We haven’t done it yet so I have no clue if you need to bring your own grill or they have spare ones. I suggest you ask prior to booking.

The restaurant: yes, the restaurant is good. It is simple traditional food, but prices are very friendly and they cook delicious!

TV: Yes, there are TVs, but do yourself a favor and get a book!

WiFi: Only in the restaurant!!! Imagine – you can have irradiation-free sleep!!!

How to book: perhaps is one of the best options. They constantly run promos there and you can get a really good deal.

Location: here is the Google Maps location. It’s about an hour drive from Sofia.

By Nina Alexander

Nina is the big sister. She's a marketing professional by day, traveler by heart, tech geek, bookworm, beer lover and an amateur photographer. Her motto is Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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