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Probably the most beautiful hotel in Bulgaria

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. I do agree, but I would also like to add that beauty is to be found in the intentions with which something has been created. Just like that drawing your kid makes on his third day at school – it may not be worth billions to a person who collects paintings, but in your eyes it is the most stunning piece of art.

The hotel I’d like to introduce to you is beautiful in all possible ways. It was created by a Bulgarian couple, Svetlana and Christo. After spending 17 years in Venezuela, the couple returns to Bulgaria with the noble intention of bringing back to life the Bulgarian village Kosovo. “We will never be able to receive a full return on investment” – Svetlana says, after explaining that they don’t just build new houses there, but instead – they renovate old, historical buildings and this costs them a little fortune. “What we hope, is for this to be our heritage for the world, Bulgaria, and our children” – she adds with unhidden pride. And while I am talking to her I can’t help but wish that one day I will also be able to leave a heritage of such substantial value.

The Kosovo Houses Complex is a magnificent place. Located between 7 historical hills in the heart of the Mount Rhodope, it offers a touch to the authentic Bulgarian experience, complimented by modern facilities and the most breathtaking views you can imagine. Naturally, the beauty of the place doesn’t end there. It’s to be found in its closeness to some of the most wondrous places in Bulgaria (including the Magnificent Bridges, Bachkovo Monastery & Assen’s Fortress).

Complex Kosovo Houses, pictures

If you’re an explorer and want to get the best of Bulgaria, I can’t recommend the Complex Kosovo Houses more. You will wake up well-rested and meet your day in the serene surrounding of the mountains and forests around the village with only 9 inhabitants! Your lungs will cheer from the fresh air and your mind will find peace, which I did not believe existed in modern days.

As for things to do while you’re there, trust me, you won’t get bored! Here’s a list of some must-do activities when staying at the Complex Kosovo Houses:

1. Try the trout fish in the Kosovo Houses Complex restaurant!

Even if you’re not an avid fish lover, the trout they prepare at the restaurant is absolutely miraculous.

2. Take a walk to at least one of the chapels on the hills around.

As I mentioned above, the Kosovo village is surrounded by 7 hills. On each hill, a chapel was built back in the days when Bulgaria was occupied by the Ottoman empire. The chapels are small and well hidden in the woods – made by the villagers in their effort to preserve their faith. I’m sure you’ll be inspired by the strength of Bulgarians if you walk to one of them. Building those chapels is definitely a challenge even in modern days. We can only imagine how hard it must have been when people had no equipment and had to carry stone by stone up the hills and deep in the forests.

3. Visit the Magnificent BridgesWonderful bridges, Bulgaria with beautiful blue skies

A natural phenomenon, the Bridges are a magical place offering spectacular views. Naturally, as every magical place, there is a legend for them as well. More about it soon!

 4. Go for some SPA procedures in Narechenski Bani.

Only 4km away from the Kosovo Houses Complex, Narechenski Bani is a SPA resort with mineral water, known for its healing capacity. There are quite some SPA Centers and hotels offering a vast range of procedures, so you won’t be bored.

5. Go to Bachkovo MonasteryStunning-bachkovo-monastery

Besides being one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries in Bulgaria, Bachkovo monastery has something magical about it. More about the monastery coming soon!

6. Visit Assen’s FortressAmazing-assens-fortress

When Ellie and I saw the Assen’s fortress a question popped up immediately: how did they build it back in the IX century? As you will see if you visit, the fortress is literally an extension of a rock and it shows real mastery in architecture. More about it soon!

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By Nina Alexander

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I was goin through the instagram page of bulgaria, and I was just stunned by its beauty, Lush green areas with beautiful creatures around. I hope I will visit bulgaria soon. now its my dream to see bulgaria.
well, This hotel is awesome, the view is just Class! and the food, ah. who doesnt want a good food? im feeling so hungry right now after watching the trout fish… ssssspppp.

Exactly why we love them so much! Not just a hotel, but a place created with positivity! I have the feeling there is a piece of their hearts in each stone and glass there… Beautiful indeed.

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