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Yastrebets lift, or how to climb Musala peak in a day

Musala peak is the highest peak in Rila Mountain and on the Balkans peninsula. For the experienced hikers, climbing this 2925 meters tall giant in a single day wouldn’t be a problem. But what about all the rest of us who are simply hiker-enthusiasts? Can we also conquer Musala in a day?

The answer is yes.

With the help of the gondola Yastrebets lift, starting from Borovets, everyone can climb Musala in a single day. Yay! Here is all the information about the lift you need to know:

1. Where to take the Yastrebets lift from?

As already mentioned above the gondola lift starts from Borovets and it will take you up to the Yastrebets chalet. The starting point of the lift is located just right after the end of the pedestrian part of the main street in Borovets, right across hotel Samokov. Here’s the Google Maps Link

2. Working Hours

The lift works from 8:30 to 18:30 from Wednesday until Sunday, so if you are willing to use it on your way to Musala, you should avoid going there on Mondays and Tuesdays. Nonetheless, during its working days the latest you can take it going up towards Yastrebets is at 17:30 and at 18:00 going down from Yastrebets towards Borovets.

3. The price list of the Yastrebets lift

The cash desk from which you can get a ticket for the lift is right in the front of the lift station. Here are the prices:

  • Return ticket for an adult is 12 lv/ € 6;
  • Children between 7 and 12 years old – 6 lv/ € 3;
  • Children under 7 and dogs on a leash – free of charge (the lift ride, not the children and the dogs);
  • Day pass is 25 lv/ € 12.5;
  • As far as we know there is no option for buying a one way ticket.

All tickets are valid and can be used within 14 days after purchasing. While we were there we heard one of the cashiers speak in English, so if you have any additional questions you can ask there.

P.S. Once you get your ticket, make sure you don’t lose it or destroy it somehow, as you won’t be able to renew it or claim your money back. (At least this is this is what’s written on the huge sign aside of the cash desk).

4. Duration of the Yastrebets lift

The lift takes about 25 minutes from Borovets to Yastrebets. This saves you approximately 2 and a half hours and 6 kilometers.

5. Last but not least: the lift ride

The Gondola Yastrebets lift is a cabin lift. Each cabin consists of 4 seats and enough room for each passenger’s backpack. Nonetheless, if you are looking to do mountain biking you should better look for the Sitnyakovo Express lift, located across hotel Rila, just above the restaurants on the pedestrian street. As for those of you, afraid of heights, I believe the gondola lift will feel much more comfortable than the on the 7 Rila lakes at least you won’t have your legs hanging in the air above the pine trees.

By Ellie Alexander

Ellie is the baby sister (as Nina would say). She is а full time marketer, regular psychology student, social butterfly, and a newbie when it comes to traveling. Her favorite quote is “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it”

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