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My very first time

I was a little scared. A little nervous. Nonetheless, I was excited and curious to try it. I knew the timing was just perfect. I was old enough, perhaps in my best years. Moreover, people around me had already tried it at least once. Some loved it, others not so much, but they were all talking about it…

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The legend of the Bulgarian martenitsa

Towards the end of his life, around the year 665 BC, the Bulgarian ruler Khan Kubrat gathered his 5 sons around his dead bed. He was holding a bundle of sticks bound together. Khan Kubrat pulled one of the sticks out and easily crashed it in two. When he then tried to crash the entire…

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Hotel Rila, Dupnitsa: this season’s biggest surprise

If you live in Bulgaria and plan your weekend escape, you probably don’t consider Dupnitsa. Neither did we and it turned out to be one of our biggest mistakes. At the end of this season we received an invitation to visit the renewed Hotel Rila in Dupnitsa. Although flattered, our initial thought was that Dupnitsa…

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A night in the Rila Monastery

You can’t sleep on the Eiffel tower, nor on Tower Bridge. Actually, most famous spots limit your experience to simply watching. But! We got some good news for you – this isn’t the case in Bulgaria. The most popular site in our gorgeous country allows you far more than merely seeing it. We’re talking about…

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Yastrebets lift, or how to climb Musala peak in a day

Musala peak is the highest peak in Rila Mountain and on the Balkans peninsula. For the experienced hikers, climbing this 2925 meters tall giant in a single day wouldn’t be a problem. But what about all the rest of us who are simply hiker-enthusiasts? Can we also conquer Musala in a day? The answer is yes. With the help of…

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8 hidden treasures in Ljubljana (that we love)

Coffee shops, restaurants, fast food – they are all easy to find around Ljubljana. However, like every other place, the capital of Slovenia has its hidden treasures and I believe I can consider myself lucky as I know at least few of them. So let me tell you about the ones I discovered. 1. Slovenskaj hisa…

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The Ongal: a super-cool interactive history lesson

Which year is it? No, seriously. I am not a retard, and yes, I know we write “2016” at the end of our letters and applications. My question is a little different. Before Jesus Christ, after Jesus Christ, new era and old era, Mayan calendar, etc… But since when is there intelligent life on Earth?…

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Wrong beliefs we have about Serbia and Serbian people

We live busy lives, always trying to compete with time, being blind for everything and everyone around us. Things are so bad lately that we don’t even know who our neighbors are anymore. We don’t know their names, we really know nothing about them, besides perhaps what they look like. The same applies to our…