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Our new home on the Black sea: Levana Guest house

Ever had your holidays destroyed? Booked a place online because of the gorgeous photos and ended up with a horrendous service? Or a place that looks nothing like what you saw on photos? We’ve been there and it sucks. Which is why we love what does. Unfortunately, however, Oyster is yet to come to Bulgaria (and it will probably take them a while), which is why we’re here.

The question of the day: where on the Black Sea Coast to stay? Here’s the answer.

On our recent life-changing adventure, we were hosted by Captain Krassi in his beautiful Levana Guest House.

We arrived at the guest house early in the morning (3 am to be exact) and had only seen photos of it. Typical skeptics as we are, we had assumed the photos were retouched to present it better than it is. Wrong. Photos actually don’t do it any justice.

Levana Guest House is an absolutely marvellous choice for a holiday on the Black Sea Shore.

What we quickly found out was that it offered a lovely sleep quality. To be honest we had driven for a little over 8 hours and would probably drop dead just about anywhere, but it’s undeniable that we woke up refreshed and rested.

Sticking our heads outside the door in the morning we realized that we were in  for a treat. The garden is a piece of art, all covered with a carpet of freshly cut green grass and decorated with various sorts of roses and many other flowers. To accompany the natural beauty, there are benches, sun beds, hammocks and swings.

BUT! If you are looking for a 5 stars hotel, with luxurious rooms, covered with mirrors walls, that’s definitely not your place. If you are, however, searching for accommodation to feel at home at, and to rest your mind from the busy city life, this is for you. It was rebuilt from the ground up with the dedication and hard work of Krassi and his mom (the hosts). Their goal is to give the old family home a new life. And they’re doing awesome.

Levana Guest Houses consists of several buildings. One was the home of his great grand father and the other one – of the next generation (Krassi’s grandfather). On the place of the old barn, there is a common room with kitchen facilities and round tables that will provide you with anything you need if you decide to spare a restaurant and prepare a meal for yourself and your friends (or family).

When you decide to book, make sure you explain your needs properly. A part of the place is separated in apartments for 4 people each (two rooms) and 1 bathroom per flat. These are absolutely perfect for families but work just fine for friends too (this was our setup). In the other part there are two bed rooms with a bathroom – a great choice for friends or a couple.

If you don’t know much about the traditional Bulgarian style of houses we bet you’ll find the experience charming: the entire property is renovated with the rural Dobrudza spirit in every object, yet with modern needs considered.

Not to forget! Levana Guest Houses has two offerings you should take advantage of. One is a boat ride which you can arrange with Krassi. You can find more about it on this link and we promise that you’ll love it.

You can also rent a bicycle (and they are good bicycles mind you). The area is perfect for exploring on two wheels and that’s a lovely way to get rid of the city-generated stress (and our favorite means of transportation which we passionately recommend).

P.S. When you stay at Levana Guest House, try and search the garden for our hearts. We’re sure we must have dropped pieces from them there… Oh, and kiss the host – he’s awesome!

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By Nina Alexander

Nina is the big sister. She's a marketing professional by day, traveler by heart, tech geek, bookworm, beer lover and an amateur photographer. Her motto is Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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