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Your very own spa villa: hidden before your eyes

For those of us who are not blessed with our own home SPA, going to one is usually the highlight of the holidays. But! Isn’t it frustrating having to share this precious time with total strangers? Full of energy children jumping in the pool one after the other. Individuals with questionable hygiene. Or the worst: a bunch of semi-drunk boys or girls on a bachelor(ette) party. We’ve had a “taste” of this and in all honesty, it was disturbing (mildly put).

And because we know what is a bad SPA experience we can recognize a good one in seconds. In a few simple words:

a SPA villa with cooks and maids which we had to ourselves and only!

Got your attention? There’s so much more!

I have to say that both of us are quite cautious when people talk about luxury. We’ve come to realize that the understanding of this term has as many varieties, as there are people on Earth.

What we dislike is the kind of in-your-face luxurious places. Golden faucets and toilet seats, overly decorated spaces, a bunch of needless objects… Ugh.

What we love, however, is comfort. The kind of luxury that allows you to completely ignore any worry. The luxury of having all the necessary amenities and a little bit of spoiling. This is what Villa Vuchev is about. No wonder they won the “Boutique Villa of the year” award!

Upon arrival, we were nicely surprised by the fact that we will be having the entire villa to ourselves.

This was the time my mind clicked. I knew Villa Vuchev was my new “it place”. Reserve even 1 out of the 8 gorgeous rooms in the house and you are in control of the entire place. Along with the staff. And the sauna. And the hot mineral water swimming pool. No other guests will walk in. I kid you not!

Step 1: finding our room

We had the pleasure of visiting the villa along with several colleagues from ASTOM. The first task upon entering was to pick a room.

Ummm, no…
Each room in Villa Vuchev has it’s own style and personal charm. Although they look alike, neither is precisely like the next one. Finally, we opted for the gorgeous ceiling and bathtub equipped bedroom on the top floor.

Step 2: getting coffee


Coffee, fizzy drinks, a selection of the finest teas you can imagine. And as much beer as you want. Finally! Someone, who understands, that the whole concept of luxury means not looking for your wallet every two minutes! What a relief! Yes, it is included in the price of the stay, and no, no one questions how much you consume.

Step 3: trying the swimming pool

One toe carefully touches the water and quickly comes out. Excuse me, what is the temperature of the water? Forty-one degrees Celsius? Oh, it comes straight from the mineral water spring! Nice!

Naturally, I don’t need to explain that we ended up spending quite some time in the pool… You can tell by the pics, right?

Step 4: ordering dinner

One of my most favourite things about Villa Vuchev is that you get it along with the staff. What’s even better is that they can prepare your dinner or lunch. For a rather symbolic fee, you can have your meal served hot exactly when you want it. The only thing you have to do is tell them what you’d like to have.

If you and I were close friends…

I’d like to take a second here, and although we may have never really met, I’d like to address you as a friend. If you were in my immediate circle of close people and asked me for a recommendation, I would have sent you to Villa Vuchev. After returning back to reality, I couldn’t help but notice how much time consuming this whole food thing is. Even going to a restaurant involves picking one, and putting some decent clothing. And this does not apply to Villa Vuchev. You can have your lunch or dinner in your swimwear or in the soft hug of one of the fluffy bathrobes you’ll find hanging on your very own bathroom door.

And what about our stay in villa Vuchev?

Well, I won’t disclose the spicy details, but let me tell you that this is the last picture on which we were all decently dressed.

Before you imagine anything nasty (which I assure you, didn’t happen), let me tell you what did happen. First, we tried a few of the bottles from this bar:

Then we decided it’s too early to go to bed, changed into our swim wear and jumped into the hot swimming pool! And just to make sure we won’t be cold after leaving the mineral water, we had the chimney burning…

As for the rest of the time…. Well, even travel bloggers are allowed some privacy, right?

But don’t you worry. We will soon tell you about few absolutely lovely things you can do in Velingrad and the area. As for now, let us leave you with a few more pictures from this beautiful place. And to answer the most common question “Is it worth it?“, we say “HELL YEAH!“. If you really want to have a quality holiday, wonder no more. Head off to the Villa Vuchev’s website and take a look at everything they offer (because we didn’t even mention the Finnish sauna and the jacuzzi). Then book your holiday. You’ll thank us later.

P.S. Why hidden before your eyes you may ask? I don’t know about you, but we had no clue this fantastic concept exists in Bulgaria. And we’ve even been to Velingrad before…

By Nina Alexander

Nina is the big sister. She's a marketing professional by day, traveler by heart, tech geek, bookworm, beer lover and an amateur photographer. Her motto is Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

32 replies on “Your very own spa villa: hidden before your eyes”

I’ve neither been to Bulgaria or a private villa as beautiful as that. However, I think it’s really worth it based on your photos. These are for people who just want to relax and bond with their loved ones. I’m sure it’s a great staycation. If I have the luxury of time, I’ve already seen the sights around and I’m with a group, surely I’ll opt to stay here.

In regards to tea – anything you can imagine. From English Breakfast, Assam & Earl Gray from the finest tea brands through herbs, collected by locals in the mountains that Velingrad is surrounded by. As for the villa – that’s what I was trying to explain with this article. You rent one room and they don’t let anyone else in the house. You can even go there by yourself and you will still have the ENTIRE house.

I totally get what you mean in regards to luxury. I’m not a fan of the over-the-top, gaudy golden faucets and toilets either..simply luxury is just so much sweeter. Speaking of sweets, it looks like that was the only thing your meal was missing…unless of course the post-meal cocktails ended up being a substitute for your dessert 🙂

We wisely took the cameras out of the dining room shortly after taking that group pic, but there was dessert: home made ice cream with home made blueberry jam… It was heavenly…

Sandra, I know exactly what you’re talking about cause we are the same thing! But I assure you – there’s nothing better for your muscles than mineral water after a day of hiking (tested).

I love staying in villas, it’s so luxury and great for group trips so you are all together but don’t step on one another’s toes. Looks like you had a great time,everything looks amazing 🙂

I like that the villa has its own personality, with details that make it unique and make your stay even better. Mineral water from the hot springs straight into the pool? Yes please! 🙂

I wish I was there too. Haha. I love the freedom it could give. The comfort and homey feeling are then easier to be felt. Perfect to stay for a couple of days. 🙂

I’ve never been to a spa before. In my head, spa is another word for everything wrong with them, that you described, and saunas. And I don’t like neither, haha!
But the Villa Vuchev seems really nice 🙂

I completely understand you… We used to love spa places until we realized that most of the public ones are quite unpleasant. Which is precisely why I wanted to tell the world about Villa Vuchev. Hygiene there is a top priority and that’s obvious. Truly unique!

A weekend here would really take away all of my stress! Just look at all those food! And I’m sure a dip in the pool wouldn’t hurt either especially this summer.

You know- you can dip in the pool even in winter when it’s minus 20 Celsius outside. The pool is still hot and feels amazing. Plus, the water there has healing capacity and is amazing for the joints and the skin

The whole and sole purpose of me starting a blog was to earn money and freedom to go to places like this. This is now one of my must do visits. Probably in one years time but I will definitely attribute this travel to you guys. Thanks for this lovely destination.

Hi Nina,

I am not what is going on with my comments. The ‘Post Comment’ box is clicking on it’s own.

Awesome <3 The villa looks beautiful. I have never been to Villa outside Ireland but your pictures so make want to book my flight right now. 😀 Lovely photographs as well.

Definitely will let you know. Will save your blog in my bookmarks. I travel a lot so this would actually work out soon. Following your blog <3

Been there for my 30th birthday at the end of november 2015. This is probablly the best villa in whole Bulgaria, and believe me I know villas 🙂 One thing though, you forgot to take pictures of the inside and oudside jackuzzies :):):)

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