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Top 3 places with the best views of Ljubljana

If you’ve opened the internet lately you’ve certainly noticed that Ljubljana is becoming one of the most visite cities in Europe. If you’ve looked around our blog, you’ve most certainly noticed that it’s amongst our most favorite places also. Why so? There are many reasons but one of the most blog post worthy one is the views Ljubljana offers to its visitors.

With so many drone pictures lately, the desire to capture the beauty of cities from a bird’s eye is becoming stronger, and stronger by the day. But let’s be fair – there are multiple negative sides to drone photography. The key minus is having to carry it around. These things are heavy and if you’re trying to travel light they can be quite problematic. I guess I don’t need to tell you that they are also quite pricey.

Luckily, most European capitals have at least one place offering a panoramic view of the city and Ljubljana is no exception. But which are the places with the best views of Ljubljana? In this article we’ll try to answer this exact question. If you think we miss a spot, make sure you leave us a comment!

1. The tower of the Ljubljana’s castle

Standing proud in the heart of the city, the castle of Ljubljana is definitely worth paying a visit to. What’s most, the tower offers one of the most spectacular, 360-degrees view of the Slovenian capital and will have you absolutely enchanted.

2. The park around Ljubljana’s castle

Many people who visit the Ljubljana castle do the brutal mistake of taking the lift. Apparently someone wrote on TripAdvisor that the walk is too long. This is by no means true! The walk to the castle is rather short and it takes you through the park surrounding it which is absolutely astonishing. Nonetheless, the view of Ljubljana through the branches of the trees is perhaps one of the most romantic ones we can imagine.

3. Neboticnik (Ljubljana’s skyscraper)

The combination of the sky’s changing colors during sunset, and a cold beer (or another beverage of your choice) will certainly make you remember your stay in Ljubljana forever. This is why we strongly recommend a drink at Neboticnik. If you want to spend more time there you can even have dinner and move down to the night club (a level below the restaurant) later in the evening.

By Nina Alexander

Nina is the big sister. She's a marketing professional by day, traveler by heart, tech geek, bookworm, beer lover and an amateur photographer. Her motto is Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

13 replies on “Top 3 places with the best views of Ljubljana”

There are also some great views back across the city from Rožnik hill in Tivoli Park.
But my absolute favourite was sunset on the terrace at Nebotičnik.
So good, I went back three times! Cracking view of Šmarna Gora hills and the Julian alps away in the distance. And the ‘Verus’ sauvignon blanc they sell, though pricey by Slovenian standards is as good as any I’ve tried from anywhere on the planet!
All this Ljubljana love is just great – keep it coming!! 😉

Wow, beautiful shots! I feel bad for not having any idea about where Ijubljana even is (I am from New Zealand, living in Australia ha ha). So thank you for showing me! Beautiful x

I’m so desperate to go to Ljubljana! But prices are just so high at the moment after this stupid UK EU referendum. Beautiful views. I can’t wait to finally go and see them for myself.

I guess you’re talking about flights, because prices in Ljubljana are SOOOOO much better than in the UK. It’s still very affordable. For example, a huge meal in one of our favorite restaurants there (Sarajevo ’84) is only 5 euros. And it’s so big, you can have enough for both lunch and dinner!

Oh my God, the shots from the highest part of the Park are amazing!
I’ve never been to Ljubljiana… I tried to but I was stopped on the train because I forgot my ID card home (my god still can’t believe that). But I have to try again carrying my documents along 😀

Great! I’ve been many times in Ljubljana, but never seen the city from up. Once walked up to the castle though. The park view is gorgeous! A friend of mine is living in Ljubljana at the moment – she’s a ballet dancer – and love it there1

The castle obviously! My husband and I visited Ljubljana totally by accident last winter when we were on our European GT. We stopped there, because we were too tired to drive to the next country.
We were so impressed that almost immediately booked flights to re-visit again and it became our favourite secret place :))
Your photos are stunning. Just made me want to go again now…!

Ah, thank you! We love the place too and also found it by accident. Ellie got to go on a student exchange and we were blown away by the place and the people – so relaxed!

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