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Natural SPA at Pomorie’s mud baths, Bulgaria

Tereza and I go way back. Even though she is a year older than me (and in high school, this makes a world of a difference) we became friends exactly during this period of our lives. If I have to be precise, the mountains were what brought us close and made her one of my best friends ever. Even when her mother decided to move to Canada and took her along we didn’t lose the emotional bond we shared and every time we get together it feels like we pick up exactly where we left off.

Because we’ve already been in the mud together it made total sense to do what we did this summer: visit the famous mud baths in Pomorie and goof around covered in mud from head to toe. Of course, Tery’s brother (Peter) and Ellie were part of the “wackos” team. But who wouldn’t want to be!

The benefits of the Pomorie mud baths

Pomorie’s mineral water and mud (found in the salty Pomorie Lake) are quite famous for the very flattering effect they have on the skin. Some people use them to cure decreases, but since we all are (thank God) healthy, we only cared about the “Oh my God, see how I look” part of things. That’s why one of the days we got in the van we had rented from the awesome Val & Kar Car Rental company and headed off to Pomorie.

How to find Pomorie mud baths?

If you want to follow our example make sure you check the map below. From what I was told nearly every hotel in Pomorie offers SPA treatments and mud baths and there is also a balneological centre where you can go for various procedures. That’s not the fun part, though – the fun is doing it out on the beach. Additionally, as odd as this may sound, the mud on the beach is always fresh whilst in hotels, it is reused for several people.

As soon as we got to the completely wild and extremely beautiful beach we were sent to find this super cheerful gypsy guy called Karlovo. No, that’s not a joke (and yes, I know Karlovo is a town). Karlovo’s job is to go to the Pomorie Lake and fill up a bucket of mud for you for just 5 leva! And one bucket is more than enough to turn 4 grown-ups into black gods (excuse my modesty).

What do you do with the mud?

Cover yourself with a thick layer of mud from head to toe (it’s good to apply it in the roots of the hair as well). Then roll in the sand (it is black because of the minerals it contains) and then bury yourself in the sand as much as possible from your body under the sand. If you’re a sexy lady, Karlovo will offer to help you (and he’s got a shovel), but we’re not really sure how good of an idea of accepting his help is… We didn’t take it.

Anyway, as you will see from our photos we did not roll in the sand right away and the mud was rather dry by the time we eventually did. When we finally washed it all off my skin felt so soft I couldn’t believe it! Joke aside, I have spent way too much money on cosmetics my entire life and I guarantee you – no cream or SPA procedure has ever been so effective!

Conclusion: if you want to refresh your skin, goof around with your girlfriends and have some really cool time – go to the Pomorie mud baths and enjoy! If you’re a free spirit I promise you’ll have a blast!

Goofing around in Pomorie's mud baths
Goofing around in Pomorie’s mud baths
Going stupid with Tereza and Peter in Pomorie
Going stupid with Tereza and Peter in Pomorie
Playing with Stella in Pomorie's mud baths
Playing with Stella in Pomorie’s mud baths
Covering with sand in Pomorie's mud baths
Covering with sand in Pomorie’s mud baths
Mud mermaid in Pomorie
Mud mermaid in Pomorie

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By Nina Alexander

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3 replies on “Natural SPA at Pomorie’s mud baths, Bulgaria”

Lol looks like fun. Did your skin react in anyway to the mud? Much like the dead Sea our skin burned a nit when we put the mud on. But it really felt soooo clean and soft after.

Thank you for stopping by JJ. The only thing that really happened to our skin is that it got really, really soft after washing the mud. The feeling was absolutely incredible! I think you may have felt your skin burning at the dead sea because of the amount of salt in the water. Bulgarian Black Sea is way less salty.

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