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Golden Bridges, Vitosha Mountain In Pictures

Golden Bridges, Vitosha Mountain in pictures

The Golden Bridges in Vitosha Mountain near Sofia are definitely one of our favorite places to visit. This summer we’ve been there twice and the view seems more spectacular every time! I am pretty sure you’ll quickly understand why by the pictures below.

Quick trip to the Golden Bridges in Vitosha

If you’re looking for the perfect picnic location around Sofia where you can take your date or simply need to surround yourself with nature and forget about the every day city life, jump on your car and head to the Golden Bridges! This is one of the few natural phenomena accessible by car near Sofia and with no doubt a smooth way to impress a lady (if she’s not wearing high heels of course – if she does, you risk making her miserable).  According to Google Maps it takes 44 minutes to get there from downtown Sofia – in my experience, it’s less than that. The minute you reach ring road it really gets easy.


Half day hike to the Golden Bridges

In my personal opinion places like this should not be easily reached via car. I think people should “work” for their right to enjoy such spectacular views because this is the only way to really escape our lazy, stuck city lives. This is why I sincerely prefer (and recommend)  hiking. One of the ways I will suggest here definitely makes you feel you’ve deserved to see this beauty once you reach the Golden Bridges and this route starts from Knyazhevo. Here it is:

Full day hike to the Golden Bridges

It probably surprises you that the map above says 2:30 hours and this one says 2 yet I am including this route in the full day trip. This however is no accident. First I believe this path is way steeper than the other one. I don’t know if Google people have actually walked there or just copied the info from somewhere, but my guess is they “cheated”… Second, on this path you’ll pass nearby the Boyana Lake and the Boyana waterfall (if you want to actually see the lake there is a small detour), which in my opinion are places worth seeing. So, if you choose this path charge your camera and take your time!


Best time of the year to visit the Golden Bridges

The Golden Bridges are marvelous, but I bet they’ll be pretty dangerous to walk on during winter or rainy days, so whatever your season choice just make sure it’s dry outside.

And now the gallery:

Did you find this info helpful? Or did you take some awesome pictures of the Golden Bridges? If so, come back and share a link in the comments below! We all want to see them!

Nina Alexander

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  1. Nice touch including the maps – it was interesting to see that in comparison with your post and the pictures of the scenery, too. Looks like a good time!

  2. I love how you incorporate the maps and your personal experience into this. During my upcoming trip to Switzerland in May, Sofia was (still is slightly) high on the list of places to take a quick side-trip to.

  3. I always wanted to go hiking somewhere abroad, I was actually talking with a friend from Bulgaria today about it. Im sharing this, I definitely want to go, the pictures are stunning!!!

  4. It looks beautiful! I recommend you to go up to Romania also, there are some very beautiful high mountains there too, great for hiking and for views.

  5. I’ve done a fair bit of hiking around the UK but it’s always been wet and soggy. I think it would be amazing to do a full hike abroad in a completely different place – will bear this in mind!

    1. Laura – if you want to go hiking in BG let me know! Last year we organized a 6 day trip and conquered the highest peak in Bulgaria – Musala. I will soon add a blog post about it 🙂

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