ThaiSpa Massage, Sofia, Bulgaria

That (thai) massage that made me snore

When you’re born to a Bulgarian family (not the modern ones though), you grow up knowing that you have got to be tough. Even though Bulgarians are known for complaining a lot (from the government, from their salaries, from their neighbors), whining in front of your family members when you’re sick isn’t a welcomed behavior. If you have a cold for example (yes, even “man flu”), you get some “greana rakia“, maybe a fomentation with rakia and black pepper on your chest or another form of remedy supposed to get you back on your feet within a day. If you’re upset, you’re offered either a glass of rakia (or a bottle) and on rare occasions, a walk. Basically we, Bulgarians, do not tolerate “pussies” and tend to solve most problems with some homemade alcohol.

As many other Bulgarians, I was raised the same way. As a grown up, however, I have wished our culture had a little something from the Asian ones: meditation, massages; either one would be nice for a change from the “suck it up” attitude. That’s why when I got a voucher for a Thai massage on my name day (6th of December) I couldn’t be happier (thank you Hugues!).

I finally made it to the massage salon on the 29th of December and my voucher for the “Hideaway therapy” (what an awesome name!) included the following:

  • Full body rub with a jasmine exfoliant (makes your skin as smooth as baby’s bum).
  • Shower.
  • Full body mask with jasmine cream, after which I was wrapped in a bed sheet, covered with blankets and left alone for about 20 minutes.
  • Waking up because of the sound of my own snoring (I don’t know if this was part of the procedure, but it did happen).
  • Shower.
  • One hour of incredible, full body massage from Kitty (this woman is indeed powerful!).
  • Thai herbal hot compress (it really is hot!).

According to plan, everything takes 2.5 hours. I assure you, that’s not the case – after the procedure, I needed about 20 minutes before I was able to stand on my feet. This is how relaxed my body felt. The massage was indeed so good that I felt I was breathing well for the first time in months!

So why did I decide to tell you about this massage place?

I initially thought I shouldn’t blog about it since this really isn’t related to travel. But then I remembered that it has been a little over 3 years since we’re back in Bulgaria and I had no clue where one could get a good massage. So, if you’re looking for a good deep tissue massage in Sofia, this is your place! Plus, if you ever want to make someone an incredible present, consider getting a voucher in their name! And if that special person you wish to give a gift to is you, then go ahead and treat yourself to a good massage. After all, there isn’t a better new year’s resolution than loving yourself a little more!

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