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20 Instagram-perfect places in Bulgaria you’ll want to add to your bucket list

1. Asen’s Fortress, Asenovgrad

Once at the end of Bulgaria, the fortress is a spectacular architectural achievement for the 13th century. Located on a hill just outside Asenovgrad it reveals a spectacular view over the Rhodope mountain and makes the visitor feel as if he’s on top of the world.

2. The 7 Rila Lakes

One of Bulgaria’s most famous hiking destination is too photogenic for words! We’re yet to see a bad picture from the seven Rila lakes. Check this link if you’re getting ready to hike the 7 Rila Lakes.

3. Kosovo Village, Rhodope Mountain

Tucked away in the heart of the Rhodope mountain, Kosovo village is one of the newly discovered gems in Bulgaria. Part of the reason is that it has one of the most beautiful (in every sense) hotels we’ve ever seen. The other reason is the incredible nature around the village and the abundance of great spots which are only a short drive from there. If you want to learn more about it, check this link.

4. Saint Sedmochislenitsi Church, Sofia

Although it’s not the most photographed church in Sofia, St. Sedmochislenitsi church is quite a charming view. Especially during the night when it looks more like a painting that a real building.

5. The Eyes of God (Prohodna) Cave

Bulgaria’s most famous cave is attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year. And that’s no accident. Check out this link to learn more about this spectacular place.

6. Veliko Tarnovo

Without a doubt one of the most picturesque cities, the old capital of Bulgaria is a must-visit place. Not convinced by this pictures? Take a look here for more images 🙂

7. Tyulenovo Arch

Just we beautiful as the arch which recently collapsed in Malta, the arch in Tyulenovo has inspired thousands of artists and has been captured on plenty of cameras and canvases. If you want to get the most out of this place try visiting it at either sunset or sunrise.

8. Yailata

An ancient archeological reserve on North Black Sea region in Bulgaria, Yailata is a hidden gem only few know about. When you explore it carefully you find out some absolutely incredible man-made cave houses with the most stunning sea view ever. Not to forget it’s a home of thousands of poppies and several types of peonies during the early months of spring.

Check this link if you want to find out more about Yailata.

9. Theatre Ivan Vazov, Sofia

Most certainly one of the most beautiful buildings in Sofia, Ivan Vazov theatre is also a favorite meeting point. During the winter this is where you find the Christmas market and in summer – hundreds of people having coffee, ice-cream, or beers in the park around the theatre.

10. Koprivshtitsa

A museum town just about an hour and a half from Sofia, Koprivshtitsa takes you on a journey back in 1800 (and before). With its colorful rural houses, preserved traditions, and plenty of history it will charm you in no time!

11. Alexander Nevsky, Sofia

The most famous landmark of Sofia, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world. Built between 1904 and 1912, the cathedral is named after a Russian Prince and is created in honour of all the Russian sodiers who died during the Russo-Turkish war.

12. The Largo, downtown Sofia

Recently renovated, the Largo in downtown Sofia is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. This is where ancient Serdika meets modern architecture. Surrounded by the president’s palace, National Assembly of Bulgaria building and the oldest (and fanciest) shopping mall in town, the Largo makes an awesome picture stop.

13. Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

If you’ve ever heard of Bulgaria, you’ve definitely heard of the Rila Monastery. This is yet one more place we’ve never seen a bad picture from – it’s simply spectacular. The best part about it is that you can spend a night in a monk cell and truly indulge yourself into the life there. Check this link to find out more about spending a night in Rila Monastery.

14. The Golden Bridges, Vitosha mountain, Sofia

A stone river in the mountain right next to Sofia, the Golden Bridges are a place you can get to even by bus! How’s that for a capital city?

15. Stara Planina

This massive, gorgeous mountain splits Bulgaria’s territory and unites the Bulgarian spirit. If you ever have the chance to go there for a hike, don’t hesitate!

16. Belogradchik fortress

A fortress build within the incredible red rocks in Belogradchik, Kaleto (that’s the name of the fortress) seems almost unreal. To make it even more interesting we, Bulgarians, have come up with quite an interesting legend. Read it here.

17. Baba Vida Fortress

The only fully preserved medieval fortress in Bulgaria, Baba Vida carries a gentle name (from Bulgarian: grandma Vida). What you find inside, however, we’ll tell you in another post soon 🙂

18. The Danube River, Vidin

Bulgarians often joke with Northwest Bulgaria calling it NorthWASTED Bulgaria. That’s partially reasonable since the area has been announced as the poorest within the European Union. Nonetheless, you don’t need to be rich, to be my Instagram-perfect shot, Vidin <3

19. Stob Pyramids

A rather easy hike, the Stob Pyramids are one of the newly discovered attractions in Bulgaria. Created by eurosion, the pyramid-shaped formation are an incredible view and a lovely way to take your mind off the daily tasks. Plus, they make awesome Instagram posts! If you’re interested in visiting, check this article.

20. Buzludza Monument

We couldn’t, of course, finish this list without adding this absolutely Instagram-perfect place! Created by the people and for the people, Buzludza monument is currently left forgotten up in the mountain. We hope to see this incredible building restored one day – there’s just too much history there!

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