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Girls night in /Hotel Park Inn, Sofia/

Where are you from? Do you know your city? And let me ask you this: which hotel would you stay at, if at any time in the future you have somehow become a tourist in your own town? Because whether you consider it possible or not, this might just happen! I’m a prime example: when I was 16 I claimed I was never going to leave my country and next thing I know – I return back to Sofia in 2012 and I have to pick a hotel, because at the time my apartment is rented out and I can’t just kick them out of there (though I wish I had done it).

Back on the topic. Why am I recommending something that seems like a rather extravagant idea (which I have to admit it is, but come on – am I the only one who’s a little crazy)? If you’ve never done it before you might just get surprised from the magical effect that a night 3km away from your own house can have. Especially with a friend! For our little crazy adventure we chose the Park Inn hotel by Radisson – a wonderful place close to the center of Sofia, but surrounded by a beautiful in-city forest.

I guess you’ve heard about the chain of Park Inn hotels and you maybe know just how nice they are. This one is of course no exception – the room we had was absolutely perfect. Two separate beds, both quite large, lovely desk (if you feel like getting some work done), TV – just anything you would need in a hotel. I loved the fact that I could sense the perfection that Germans usually bring to the table in every detail in that room. But there is something I haven’t yet told anyone (shhhh!) – the Park Inn hotel has the most amazing mirrors!!! Here are some pics of me being a total girl (and no, I am not that thin really, but these mirrors!!!).

Now, I get distracted looking at my selfies (no, not because I am so awesome or anything, just wondering what was I thinking!).

Greenville restaurant

First things first – it is a total myth, that girls are constantly on a diet. Or it is simply not true for us. Anyway, Rebecca and I headed straight to the restaurant and let me tell you: one of the best feelings in the world is when you know that you’ll go for dinner, you’ll have it served by someone else (you don’t even need to move!) and then you can simply roll to your bed. Luckily, the Greenville restaurant inside the Park Inn hotel is absolutely lovely! Perhaps what impressed me the most was the fact that when I asked the waiter for any pasta with lots of cheese he was more than willing to get it for me even though it was not on the menu! That, my friends is what I call a damn good service! I decided however to be a sweetheart (as I usually am) and to just order something which actually exists in the menu so I opted for the totally yummy yogurt with roasted red peppers for a starter and the pork medallions and Becca chose this incredible chicken. Just take a look at this:


We ended the night in the lobby bar of the hotel with glasses of Baileys and sweet talk. No, I don’t mean that we got wasted and couldn’t get to our room Of course we did go to and those beds were wonderful! But I can’t really tell you what girls talk about when alone… Let’s say this is the little secret that will forever remain just between me and Becca. And I really think you should make your very own secrets too. There’s really nothing as relaxing as a night with a friend, where you get served and don’t have to move a finger!

The breakfast at Park Inn (!)

Last but not least – when you opt in for staying at a hotel, you get a full breakfast served for you in the morning. Unless you have your own Douglas (this is what I will call my servant one day, whether or not this will be his name), you’ll need to prepare things yourself if you decide to have your girls over. And just think about it, will you be able to prepare this:

So, I think you should be pretty convinced by now: a night with your girls is priceless and it will (even for a little while) make you feel like you are on a holiday even in your own city. Trust me when I say this: you go back to your regular life on the next day feeling totally different!

So, to wrap this up, I would say: take a look at some pictures I took of the Park Inn, call your girls and book your night. P.S. You can spend the second day there in the adorable SPA area with a very nice size indoor swimming pool. You’ll thank me later 😉

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By Nina Alexander

Nina is the big sister. She's a marketing professional by day, traveler by heart, tech geek, bookworm, beer lover and an amateur photographer. Her motto is Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

2 replies on “Girls night in /Hotel Park Inn, Sofia/”

That looks like an awesome hotel! I love the idea of being a tourist in your own city… too often I find myself being much more adventurous abroad and neglecting to explore my own city! I’d love to do a girl’s night in with my sister… first, I just need to convince her to come visit! 🙂

An invitation like this may actually make her want to come visit! And if she does, check if there is any local Park Inn – I am honestly in love with the hotel and the concept. They aim (for what I know) to keep everything simple yet comfortable. And to me “comfort” is a key word.
P.S. Don’t forget to blog about it if you do!

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