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Exploring Ljubljana on a bicycle for €1 per week

Ljubljana may not be the biggest capital in the world but it has a lot to offer and if you’re staying there for more than a day, you’ll find the information here very useful.

As I have mentioned in my other post “20 random (and AWESOME) facts about Ljubljana” cycling seems to be the official means of transportation within the city and given that there are bicycle alleys everywhere, this is a really good decision. Luckily, renting a bicycle in Ljubljana also turns out to be super easy and the subscription allowing access to the network of bicycle stations costs €1 for a week or €3 for an entire year. The actual bicycle rent is free for the first one hour and for information on further charges, please check this link.

If you are visiting for a week, I strongly recommend you register in their system even before arriving – it allows you to point out the starting day of your subscription period.

Renting a bicycle step by step:

Registering for the system.

  1. Visit and get familiar with the “How does it work” and “FAQ” sections.
  2. Click on the “Subscribe” button and follow the procedure:
    1. Choose “7 day PASS” and click “Validate”;
    2. Enter your details and add a PIN number that you won’t forget (you will need it every time you rent a bicycle afterwards).
    3. Proceed to add your card details and to pay the weekly fee of €1.
  3. After you have registered, you will receive two emails: the first one will contain the payment information and in the second one, you will find your subscription number (5 digits number) along with the PIN code you’ve entered. At this point you’re set – that’s all you need.

When you’re already in Ljubljana, it’s time for you to rent a bicycle and join Slovenians on their ever-lasting cycling adventures. This is also very easy. You’ll need first to find a bicycle station, and you can do it on this link: The link allows you to see how many bicycles are available at each station. If you’re just walking downtown Ljubljana however you won’t need to consult this map – stations are easy to find.

After you’ve found the station, here’s what you do:

  1. To switch to English (if the terminal is in Slovenian) click four on the keyboard and select English.
  2. Press 1 to access your subscription – enter the subscription number you received in the email.
  3. Enter your PIN code and on the following screen agree with the general terms.
  4. Enter the number of the bicycle you’ve selected and press ok.
  5. Go to the bicycle and press the button once to release it.

That’s all – you’re now ready to explore Ljubljana just like locals do!

BONUS: I tried to record a video at one of the bicycle stations but I panicked when I saw the camera, so the video turned out disastrous. Nevertheless, it shows how to rent a bicycle in Ljubljana step-by-step, so I hope you find it helpful 🙂

By Nina Alexander

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