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Work and Adventure: 5 Popular Destinations for Remote Workers

Being able to work remotely sure has its perks. No commute times or annoying co-workers, you can wear whatever you want, set your own schedule… the list goes on. However, there’s one benefit that outshines the rest – and that’s being able to turn just about any part of the world into your office. 

Commonly known as being a “digital nomad,” you have the opportunity to rack up passport stamps, explore new destinations, and discover the people, cultures, landscapes, activities, and cuisine that make them exciting. At the same time, you can still earn an income and fund your next adventure. 

So, where do you go? Listed below are five popular destinations where digital nomads thrive. 

Budapest, Hungary

The Paris of the East is home to everything from exciting nightlife to a thriving classical music scene. Low-cost internet, a growing selection of co-working spaces and plenty of great accommodation options make Budapest particularly favorable among remote workers. Inspiring architecture, local cuisine, and the famous Turkish baths are among the many reasons to visit Budapest.  

Belgrade, Serbia

Thanks to its low cost of living and above-average internet, Belgrade is becoming increasingly popular among expats and tech solopreneurs. It’s a vibrant city that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern necessities. Belgrade’s busy streets are lined with shops, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs, giving you plenty of space to work and socialize. 

The city borders a total of eight countries and Berlin is just an hour and a half flight away, while London is roughly an hour further. In winter, you can explore Belgrade’s many fascinating museums, while summertime is when you can catch the locals swimming and sunbathing in the Mediterranean Sea.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has everything you would expect to find in a metropolis like Tokyo or New York, including plenty of impressive sky-high buildings. One thing you won’t find, though, are sky-high prices. Thailand’s capital is home to interesting cuisine, fascinating temples, eye-watering mega malls, and 10 million friendly residents. Thanks to the low cost of living, you can comfortably explore it all. 

Gili Islands, Indonesia

If you prefer somewhere a little more exotic or secluded, the Gili Islands are the place to be. Often called the “Maldives of Southeast Asia,” Indonesia’s Gili Islands are an exceptional slice of paradise with serene beaches and crystal-clear waters filled with exotic marine species. The three islands are only reachable by water from Bali or Lombok. 

Fortunately, you can reserve a fast boat easily online to make your way to this exciting destination. You won’t find a single car on the entire archipelago, making it the perfect place to focus on work. From the beautiful Turtle Sanctuary to the famous ocean swings to the Sama-Sama Reggae Bar, there’s plenty to do here during your downtime, too. 

Porto, Portugal

Relax and unwind by the Mediterranean through warm summers and mild winters before switching back to work mode during your stay in Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city. Despite its size, Porto is better described as a serene coastal hideaway, with welcoming locals and a walker-friendly infrastructure. 

This means that you won’t have to blow your budget on transport fees while you top up on some delicious local seafood and wine. There are many affordable co-working spaces around the city and cafes with Wi-Fi are plenty in number if you prefer to go solo. 


According to The Nomad List, some other popular destinations for remote workers include Kiev, Madrid, Prague, Chiang Mai, Tbilisi, Berlin, and Valencia. As for which destination you should explore first, it largely depends on your budget and preferences. At the end of the day, you’ll have to leverage your remote worker perks and see for yourself. 

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