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Why everybody should travel and how to do it

You know what they say: travel is one of the only things you can buy that will make you richer. Many people think about going traveling while they are young, and it’s an unfortunate fact that many of them don’t follow through with it. They think they can’t get the money together, or they can’t get the time off, or they come up with some other limitation/excuse that stops them from going. This is normal; getting out of your comfort zone is hard, and making excuses is common. It’s important to realize them for what they really are though; excuses.

We’re not saying that going travelling and taking time out from your regular life won’t be scary, tough, or expensive. However, you must realize that your limitations are the only thing stopping you from going. If you really wanted to go, you’d find a way. Think of all of the times you’ve really wanted something, and what you did to get there. It’s possible for everybody to travel, no matter their situation, if they want it enough.

Here, we’re going to talk more about why everybody should travel, and how you can do it.

Why Everybody Should Travel

Traveling can feel like a wake up call to the soul. It sounds cheesy – but anybody who has every stood somewhere expansive, beautiful, and far away from home will tell you how small their problems seemed in that moment. Travel puts things into perspective. It can help you to see how important your problems really are (clue: not very) and where you fit into it in the grand scheme of things.

Traveling will open your eyes to new cultures, new ways of life, and pretty much change who you are as a person – in a good way. You might even find that you meet friends for life along the way. And hey, even if none of that happens (which it will), you’ll see some beautiful places, eat some fantastic food, and make memories for a lifetime.

The question isn’t why should you go travelling, the question is: why aren’t you? There are too many reasons to go!


What Travelling Is And What Travelling Isn’t

Travelling can certainly be like soup for the soul, but you should also bear in mind that you shouldn’t use travelling as an attempt at an escape from yourself, or your life/problems. The thing is, wherever you go, there you are. You’ll be taking all of your problems and the things you don’t like with you, even if you feel like you’re leaving them behind at first. If they aren’t with you on your travels, they will likely be there when you get back.

Travelling won’t magically fix your life, or your issues. It might make you a better person and indirectly fix your issues, but of course, that isn’t guaranteed. If you have any big problems at home, you should probably try to get them in order before you go. Many people use travel as an ‘escape from the self’, and this can take away some of its magic. You might end up feeling empty and wondering what all of those travel blogs were talking about when they gushed about it.

Travel can present many life lessons and help you to grow. It won’t fix things alone that are already present in your life.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Now, let’s talk about how other people do it. When it comes to travelling, different things work for different people. Many people don’t end up going because they think they need to pack their bags and become a vagabond for a year or more, sleeping on couches, staying in hostels, and letting go of all of their earthly comforts and possessions. Some people do this, but you don’t have to. You could easily look for a HDB BTO for rent in Singapore and enjoy the place that way. You can stay in a place for as long or as little as you like, as long as it makes sense to you. Travelling is a huge step out of your comfort zone, so doing it in a way that you know you are going to enjoy and benefit from is important.

Some people quit their jobs, reasoning that it’s just a job, they can get another, and they may never get an opportunity like this again. As we age, we tend to accumulate things that tie us down, including mortgages, partners, children, and pets. These things are great, but it can be very difficult to go travelling when you have them to care for.

Some people even manage to get a long time off from work – a month or more at a time, before going back and continuing as normal. Many workplaces are introducing things like this, as it’s an incentive for people to work there without feeling like they are giving up their freedom.

Alternatively, you could save up your vacation days and use them all at once to travel somewhere. Then, come back, carry on as normal, and do it all again until you have the time off accumulated for another trip. You don’t have to give up your job and live out the life of a vagabond to experience all the benefits of travel.

All you have to do is figure out a solution that works for you and makes you feel more comfortable while doing the uncomfortable and stepping outside of that comfort zone of yours.

Pointers To Get The Ball Rolling

Here are some pointers to help you get the ball rolling. Take baby steps towards your goal, and soon you’ll have the money you need and be ready to take a leap of faith!

Come Up With Your Plan Of Action

First: come up with your plan of action. Do you feel comfortable quitting your job, or would you rather see if you can get an extended leave period to travel? You may not be able to get the latter. In which case, you’ll need to consider how important your job actually is. It may seem like the be all and end all now, but years from now, when you’re older, wiser, and perhaps even have grand kids, will you wish you had done something differently? Think of the things that are really important to you so you can make your decision.

Save Money

You’re going to need some money to travel. There’s no getting away from it. Even if you just have enough money for your initial flights, and then plan on getting work when you get to where you’re going so you can survive. If you plan on getting work, it can be a good idea to make sure you visit a country that accepts foreign workers. It may be beneficial if you speak a little of the language, too, as it could make you a more desirable candidate over somebody who can’t speak a word. That being said, there are destinations that tend to accept many workers during the summer season each year, but these places are party destinations. They are usually just a way for travellers to be able to stay in the party destination, party themselves, and fund their habits with the work they do. It isn’t for everybody, and it certainly won’t be as cultured as travelling to different places and doing different things. Many people who do decide to work at a resort like this claim to make friends for life that become almost family to them, however. It all depends on what you want to get from your travels! Some even head to a party destination for a few months, spend minimal time partying, put money aside, and head to places like Thailand to continue their travels.

Practice Budgeting

If you want to travel, you need to get comfortable with the art of budgeting. Knowing exactly how much money you have and how much to allocate to each element is a must. How much will you need for flights? How much will you allow yourself for food and drink each day? What about bigger activities, like tours? Some things are worth splurging on, while you can definitely use a few tried and tested traveller tips to help you save money. For instance, eating dinner earlier in the day usually means it’s cheaper, and buying street food in a highly populated area to ensure freshness is an even cheaper alternative!

To Go With A Friend Or To Go Alone?

Many potential travelers also have the dilemma of going with a friend or going alone. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who’s up for travelling, then it can definitely take the edge off and make things easier. However, going alone can be a completely different, transformative experience. It’s your rules and your trip 100%, so you don’t have to worry about anybody else, or compromise and do things you don’t want to do. Travelling both ways is great, but everybody should try travelling alone at least once!

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