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What you need to know about the EUrail Pass

Europe is a region full of diversity. The scenery can be stunning and there are plenty of cultural experiences to be had throughout the many cities. Travelling on separate train tickets can be expensive and does not allow the traveller flexibility for their journey. It means that journeys have to be carefully planned in advance and if you are planning a number of journey’s this can be a time consuming and cumbersome task. Travelling by air means that you miss out on much of the scenic journeys and time spent waiting at airports could be put to better use travelling more quickly to multiple destinations. Airports are often out of town whereas train stations are often in the heart of town. Travellers by air often consider driving as part of their experience and that can mean rush hour traffic and delays and unless you are familiar with a lot of the roads through Europe, you can spend a lot of your time navigating which in itself can prove stressful. To afford flexibility and stress free travel, another way to make use of the train is to use the EUrail Pass but what is it and what should you know about it?

  • The EUrail Pass is a train pass which allows you to travel through Europe on multiple trains without having to buy separate tickets.
  • The pass, when purchased is unique to you and your personal details, including your passport details should be entered. You cannot give your pass to someone else to use.
  • When you purchase your pass, you will have 11 months to activate it so you can purchase your pass a good bit in advance of your travel which is great for those who like to be organised. Your pass should be activated prior to your first journey and this can be done at any European train station or for those who prefer the convenience, it can be activated online.
  • Your travel pass is flexible, you can travel on as many trains as you wish each day and at your chosen time, you are not restricted.
  • You should complete the details of each of your journey’s on your pass. You must also complete the details of your trip in the diary provided but if you forget or fail to do that, you could be asked to pay for your fare or you could be asked to pay a fine.
  • For many of the trains, you do not have to make a reservation, however some train companies require that you do so it is worth making sure that you know whether to reserve your journey or not.
  • Your EUrail pass offers a number of benefits. You will have access to free or discounted ferry passes throughout Europe, you will only need to pay a small reservation fee to access routes such as the Glacier Express and the Golden Pass, both of which are incredibly scenic, and your EUrail Pass will give you discounts and free access to many of the European attractions.
  • You can order your EUrail Pass online and have it delivered to your address for your convenience saving you a trip to the local station.

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