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If you’re looking for something specific and know which part of Bulgaria you’ll be going to, check out our interactive map and find everything you’re looking for!

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Domlyan Lake Very Early In The MorningDomlyan Lake


Войнът Ели в ОнгълаReal-size Mammoth In The Village Of Dorkovo

Places to Stay

Villas Yagoda BorovetsComplex Kosovo Houses, Honeymoon, Suite, View


How To Celebrate Bulgarian EasterKavarna Festival With Bulgaria In The Heart

Useful Info About Bulgaria

Dating Bulgarian girls

8 simple rules for dating Bulgarian girls

If you have an international surrounding there is a very high likelihood that one of your friends is married to…

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What are Bulgarians celebrating on the 3rd of March?

Quick answer: On the 3rd of March we, Bulgarians, celebrate being our own nation in our own country. Simply put: the freedom…

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Gondola yastrebets lift

Yastrebets lift, or how to climb Musala peak in a day

Musala peak is the highest peak in Rila Mountain and on the Balkans peninsula. For the experienced hikers, climbing this 2925…

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Rent a car in Bulgaria: cars we’ve tested, ranked & described in detail for you

Hi, how are you? Before you read on about the cars I've used from Val & Kar, I guess it…

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