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Travel must-have for tech geeks

We often travel to destress ourselves and take a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of life. Once in a while we need to shut off that demanding work, tough school, and busy home. I personally prefer traveling somewhere with an abundance of nature. But being one with mother nature does not necessarily mean I’m going to let go of all things homey and familiar, especially not my gadgets.

Just like we need fresh air, the use of technology has become necessary to me – a self-confess geek. Wherever I go I make sure I have a handful of technology, not only do they give me a sense of familiarity, but they can come in handy on certain situations. I mean I need to post my travel achievements somewhere.

If you’re a tech geek like me, whose umbilical cord seems to be connected to an ethernet you need to have these travel must-have to keep you sane.

Bag Organizer

First and foremost, you need a solid bag for it will handle your most precious possession safe and sound. Thankfully, there are now a lot of solid, organized bags out in the market today. Goodbye to the sturdy JanSport I used before. Nowadays, I prefer a bag that is sturdy, compact, comfortable and has a lot of compartments. A bag with compartments not only gives you additional space to keep those wires from being tangled, but it also allows you to stay organized throughout your travels.

Tip: Some bags even come with a built in power source. 

Power Bank

The moment you see your phone on battery saving mode and see that single digit number all in red on the battery icon, I bet it instantly puts you in panic mode. Scrambling and scouting places where there is a plug somewhere. Hallucinating where a crack in a hall looks like a power socket. To prevent this stressful situation, I urge you to bring your reliable power bank.

Your power bank should have four times the power capacity of your phone. So if your battery have 4000 mAh (milli ampere-hour) then your power bank should have the capacity to carry 16,000 mAh.

Pocket Wi-Fi

Do not even attempt to open your roaming data on when traveling abroad unless you belong to the top 1%. Roaming data while abroad is very expensive and also limiting. Instead, you need to bring along your pocket hotspot or Wi-Fi. The moment you land in the airport in the country of your choice you can use a temporary SIM card. Some local network providers even rent pocket hotspot, all you need is give a deposit.

Streaming Stick

Yeah, you are out there to experience a different culture and all but who actually want to miss an episode of their favorite series? If you have FOMO (fear of missing out), then bring along with you a streaming stick. Just plug it in your hotel’s TV and you’re good to go. Catch up on the episodes you missed. There are many available streaming options available in the market today.

Here are the following top choices:

Action Camera

When I travel around, I like immersing myself to the now – the present experience. I hate taking the second to snap a picture and breaking that blissful feeling of appreciating the nature right in front of me. If you hate that too, I suggest you bring along with you an action camera. Just hang it somewhere, wear it or bring a pole; whatever floats your boat as long as you have an uninterrupted appreciation to the beauty of mother earth.

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