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How You Can Travel As A Lifestyle

Do you have an Instagram account? Or perhaps you’re a fan of watching travel vlogs? Well, if so, you’ll see people plastered all over them, who are able to travel the world without working, or so it seems. Behind the scenes, however, they’ll be putting in a little graft of their own to be able to carry on with the lifestyle you’re seeing. And because travelling around the world isn’t really free of charge, there’s plenty of things left off the focus of their cameras. But, you’ll no doubt watch these videos, or follow these pages, and wish you could live the same lifestyle, thinking that you’re never going to be able to do so. Well, is that necessarily true? No, it most definitely is not. Travelling as a lifestyle is possible for the majority of you out there. As long as you don’t have children, there really is nothing stopping you other than the doubt in your mind. We’d like to show you how you can travel as a lifestyle, and live the life you have always dreamt of.

How You Can Travel As A Lifestyle

How would you fund it?

This is the biggest worry for anyone who would even consider doing something like this. Money obviously plays a big part in a lot of things, but when it comes to travelling it is indeed the most important aspect. And that’s just talking about your average holiday, so how would you fund it when you’re off travelling for good? Well, it can be quite simple. A few of the things we’re going to mention below can help you, but the most secure way to go about it is to become self-employed first. Being self-employed can mean you’ll do anything. From photography to writing, it has to be a type of work that you can actually take with you. Don’t be fooled that it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. You’ve got to make sure that you’re sustaining a healthy living income from it on the first place. In other words – don’t start travelling before you’ve established yourself in the specific area of your choice.

Your second option is to find bar work and cheap accomodation in the countries you’re visiting. As long as you save up enough money beforehand to secure plenty of flights around the world, all you will need is a small income from your place of work to be able to eat, and visit all of the attractions that you might want to. We have to admit, however, that going self-employed is definitely the better option. You have the ability to earn more, and you can take the work anywhere in the world with you, without having to worry about having an income in new countries.

Become a social media icon!

So, we’ve listed two ways that you can actually work and travel, but what about becoming a social media icon? It isn’t really a job – more so a commitment. You won’t have to submit work to anyone, you won’t have to meet deadlines, but you will have to maintain a social media page that attracts thousands of people every day. How do you even get started? You get posting. All you need is a professional camera, and the means to take good pictures that will capture the attention of people on social media. As your pictures gain attention, so will you, and you’ll gain a following of loyal people who will want to know what your every move is. It’s all about taking professional ‘Instagrammable’, photos, and posting them at the right time of day. Once you get to a certain amount of followers, you will no doubt be asked to do collaborations on Instagram posts with hotels, meaning you could secure a free stay here and there. You could also get paid for every post that you post, providing you are getting plenty of likes!

Where could you travel to

The world would literally be your oyster, so where would you want to travel to? If you live in the UK or the US, the main attraction is Indonesia, Australia, and countries far, far away. It’s so much more exiciting to go to an exoctic location, and there are thousands of places you can explore, just in Indonesia alone. Considering the country is quite far from most European and American locations, you could get yourself a little base in the heart of it, allowing you to come back when you need some time to settle and build up money again, until you’ve got enough to be able to buy some more flights and hotel stays. If you check out, you will see plenty of properties for you to buy. Don’t think of it as housing prices in the UK and US. The houses are extremely cheap over there, a deposit you would usually put on a home in the UK or US, could get you a luxurious piece of property in Indonesia. If you have a number of destinations whirling around in your head however, we would recommend that you write them all down as a checklist. Start with your most wanted first, and work your way down until you’ve travelled to all of the countries that you want to!

Doing Things For Cheap

It’s not hard to do things for cheap whilst travelling. If you were to go travelling around Indonesia, use websites such as, and you’ll be able to find villas and hotels offering stays for as cheap as £15 a night. Considering a normal hotel stay in Europe or the US would be triple… and more… you’re really getting yourself a bargain. Plus, you can move between the different islands by boat rather than plane, that will help you save a ton of money. As for eating, make sure you fill up on big breakfast, snack on local cuisine for lunch, and find the smaller local establishments to eat from as of the night time. You’ll find some of the best food by doing this, and you’ll also find that you’ll cut the cost of eating and drinking in half!

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