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Travel and Wedding: 5 tips for fulfilling your destination wedding dream

A destination wedding may seem like a far-off dream for many of us, especially those who are young and just starting out. Even if it’s financially doable for you, the shear stress of planning such a huge event might make you feel like this dream should be left alone.

The good news is that if you really wish to, that destination wedding dream may absolutely become a bonafide reality. Read on below to find out how everything can be possible if done with some planning and organisation.

1. Outline A Budget

The budget is the main cause for concern when it comes to most young couples planning a wedding. You may be surprised to learn that a destination wedding may actually turn out to be cheaper than the local variety! If you travel to a country that’s cheaper than yours, you could even slash the cost of your wedding by more than half. Several destinations like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica are gorgeous and highly affordable spots.

Can’t think of any other place except your dream destination? Don’t worry if it requires a lot of money. You can arrange your big day at that exotic location even if you have limited funds. How about requesting a cash wedding gift by using online wedding registries and telling your friends about it? This way, you can easily tie the knot by stretching your budget.

2. Decide The Cost

The main costs you have to look at are the clothes, passports, visa, flights, and accommodation. Make sure these are accounted for, and only then plan to have any fringe benefits. You may want to bring your own photographer along, or perhaps a friend is doing the pictures as their wedding gift. The décor isn’t such a big issue since you would have a beautiful backdrop for everything in any case. The destination wedding dress, however, needs special consideration.

3. Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

There are several wedding planners who specialise in destination weddings. Opting for one of these professionals could set you at peace for many of the arrangements. You can ask your travel agent whether there’s a wedding coordinator already on your planned destination. This way, you’ll have expert help with everything.

A skilled coordinator will also answer your questions and quell your worries about the big day. They’ll have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong, like having a wedding venue handy in case of rain on the day of your outdoor wedding.

4. Choose A Location

The location for your wedding should be according to your preferences. Don’t feel guilty about not choosing something that suits everyone in your social circle. It’s your big day, so you get to decide whether you want a seaside, mountain, or even jungle wedding! Choose the resort that provides nature walks if you’re more into that type of activity. If you prefer getting pampered, choose the one based on the spas they have.

5. Consider The Guests

While this day is going to be all about you and your betrothed, you should also take some of your guests’ needs into consideration. Many of your family members and friends might not be able to find the time or money to fly down for your wedding if it’s another country. You may hence want to choose a location that’s easily accessible as well as a bit on the cheaper side. You can still have the kind of wedding you like, as resorts of every type are available in most areas.

If you do decide to book a far-off, exotic location, you may have to face a drastically short guest list. The result will be either a very intimate wedding or you offering to pay for your guests’ airfare and accommodation. However, you might want to look at the wedding packages offered by the hotel or resorts in your intended location. Many of them might actually come cheaper if you bring more people with you. Research is the key here, so hop online to check out the group benefits waiting for you!


By Shane Haumpton

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