This guy will be the death of me…

This guy will be the death of me…

This guy will be the death of me… 1024 683 The Sisters

I am looking at him and thinking – this guy will be the death of me. Many have tried before, but I somehow know he’ll succeed. With a huge smile on his face – one you simply cannot argue with – he’s making me do things I never pictured myself doing before. I’m out of breath and my knees are shaking. How much more of this I can handle I wonder? Last time I saw him, my entire body was in pain and I literally couldn’t walk for two days. I know I will leave in just about an hour, but I will be back a few days later… I simply can’t stay away for too long. He melts me like ice cream on a hot summer day but I am already an addict and I need this. Again and again.

Now that I’ve got your interest, let me introduce to you my Capoeira teacher – Kosta “Parafuso”.

This guy will be the death of me (clear)

Here’s what I’m actually talking about 🙂

Now, to get this straight – we’re not talking about romantic emotions here (though I do realize that the above paragraph sounds a little bit 50 shades of gray-ish). Even though romance is not involved, everything written above is the absolute truth. After my very first Capoeira class I really couldn’t walk and barely survived the second time. Despite this, the way the classes are lead makes you feel as if you’re playing a game! At the end of our second class Kosta instructed us to form two lines and a sort of a plait with our legs and do sit ups. While he was explaining it in detail, I couldn’t help but think: “Does this guy do anything in the conventional way?” I think the answer to this one is “No” but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what makes things so awesome and why I can’t wait to go again!

Finding my silence

I can’t really describe what a Capoeira class is like (at least at the Capoeira CDO Bulgaria school) because it’s unlike anything else and you have to experience it yourself. But last night there was a thought that stuck in my head and I need to tell you about it. If you’re anything like me, the noisiness of the big cities if not exactly the atmosphere you feel great at. Perhaps this is why I couldn’t feel happy in London besides the benefits of living in such a large city. And even though Sofia is way quieter, I still manage to lose my concentration sometimes because of all the noise. Same thing was happening again last week and just when I thought I may need to get away from here, I found my silence while making noise. What I mean: the last 30 minutes of our Capoeira class are dedicated to music. We all sit around in a circle and use instruments I cannot even name yet, to create something which to my untrained years is similar to ….well, just noise really. There is a rhythm, though as beginners we often lose it. Well, in that total mess I finally found the silence my entire being was begging for…

To wrap all this blabbing of mine

I don’t know if I have managed to get you interested in Capoeira, but I hope I did. If you’re located in Sofia, Bulgaria, please come and join us once – you’ll definitely gain a lot. Here’s what (in my opinion) Capoeira is amazing for from the perspective of the modern city human being:

  • Improving rhythm;
  • Improving balance;
  • Learning to defend yourself if needed;
  • Learning how to move your body in space;
  • Getting in amazing shape;
  • Having fun like a 5 year old!

So, if you decide you want to sign up for Capoeira classes, please go ahead – you will not regret it. And if you are located in Sofia, the Capoeira CDO Bulgaria classes for beginners are held every Monday from 8 pm, and every Saturday from 7 pm. The price is 10 leva per class and if you are confident you will visit every time you can get a monthly card covering all 8 classes for just 40 leva. Classes are held in the Vassil Levski stadium in Aktiv hall. Let us know if you’re coming – we’ll be happy to meet you outside before class and show you where the hall is 🙂

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