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The reasons you’re not living your dream life


Let’s discuss some things that have been a cultural integration inside all of us to not discuss openly. We never really talk about our dreams. Truth be told, there are many reasons that can be stated in order to prove why it is so, let’s not deny it. Sure, we can point out a lot of insecurities that can be subjected to being the reason for our discretion. But that won’t really solve the problem at hand if we don’t discuss it openly. Identifying the problem is the main first step towards getting to the better end of the situation. Our ideals, our fantasies and to put it in simple words, our dreams are never discussed. No matter how many times we think about it, one thing is for sure. There is fear.

The Thing We Should Not Speak Of:

The fear that often manifests us to stop from ever disclosing or discussing our dream is of a strange nature. We fear that if we discuss it, it won’t be true. An understandable little mistake that can be traced back to the juvenile period of the subject’s life. Often our traditional and cultural superficial tendencies come back to haunt us. Whenever we as kids hear about making wishes on our birthdays and told not to tell what we were thinking while blowing out the candles, it stays with us. That, in turn, results in the person not being able to discuss his/her desires. Of course, that presents itself as a problem when we stop discussing it all together. Even when we get it, we don’t talk about all that it’s not. Dream jobs are a perfect example here.

The Dream Life and What Comes with It:

There are so many problems with working inthe perfect place with everything that seems perfect to the infinite number of people around us. Working abroad is one such example. Go to Europe and suddenly everybody thinks you’re in heaven. Who knows the kind of pressure that surrounds you? The kind of loneliness it can bring sometimes. Having to live in a place where you’re unknown and don’t even recognize most of the times. The little problems faced by the person in that specific part of life are harder to deal with because, inthe end, he/she is an outsider there as well. People don’t count in the factor of being a minority somewhere which can play a huge role in what kind of life you are living.

Solitude and Isolation:

A lot of people would like to discuss the problems of being alone somewhere. Sure, the pay is good and way better than what you were getting at home. But the issue is that you’re alone. And if you’re not a person with powerful connections, you can’t just go somewhere and be comfortable. Like if you get robbed and you wish you had WebWatcher installed to track your stuff, you can’t be as better off in a situation like that compared to handling it at home.


These are some of the problems that are actually real in terms of stress and aching faced by people living the supposeddream life. And our culture of not talking about things openly is the reason we all feel alone.

By Cathy Carter

I travel the entire world while blogging and doing freelancing services. Before I started writing for a living I experimented with various occupations, but writing is my favourite job and doing it full time makes me happy. I helped many of my clients build their audience online. I love creating unique and research-driven contents.

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