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Thrill seekers unite: The 3 most unusual places to explore in New Jersey

Summer is quickly approaching; have you thought about where you want to travel to yet? With summer vacations, most people are all about going to beaches and amusement parks… been there, done that. There’s nothing wrong with those places, of course, but aren’t you tired of the big crowds and long lines there every summer? This summer, why not take a unique approach on summer vacation and explore some off-the-beaten-path locations and activities!

If you’re a person who likes thrills, then you have tons of options all over the world. Now, a lot of people tend to think that being a “thrill seeker” means that you have to jump out of planes or swim with sharks… yes, those are indeed great adventures for thrill seekers but there are also adventures for thrillists that don’t necessarily make you have to look death in the face!

To Be a “Thrill Seeker” Means…

A thrill is, pretty much, anything that gets you excited and gives you an adrenaline rush, so you actually don’t have to do death-defying acts to spark excitement. For instance, there are haunted locations in the US that you can explore and have a blast doing it, all while getting that adrenaline rush your body has been craving. So, in knowing that, there’s probably a little bit of “thrill seeker” in all of us and because of that, you should take a different approach to your vacation this year, and that “different approach” will be held in New Jersey baby!

First, Get Everybody On Board

When it comes to vacations, people can get very particular and selective about who they spend it with and the location (as everybody should) but for this particular vacation, you won’t have to do any convincing… once they know the plans, EVERYBODY will be on board.

So the first thing, you’ll need to do is get a big group of all your thrill-seeking friends together and let them know of the unique and unusual places you’ll be going to. Let them know the location will be in New Jersey and that they will have no worries about getting from place to place because it will be taken care of… 

Once you have your group together, the adventures can begin. The first thrill-seeking location will take place in Clifton, New Jersey…

Clifton’s Gates of Hell: Clifton, New Jersey

You never might have thought that New Jersey has so many unique and interesting locations but it truly does and Clifton’s gates of Hell is a Jersey favorite among thrillists that has an urban legend that will surely make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

Clifton’s Gates of Hell is a series of connecting drains. There’s a ladder for visitors to climb down and explore the insides. It’s been said that these drains cover hundreds of feet underground and are layered seven times (the same as the circles of hell).

Legend Has It…

There’s a room deep underground that can only those who are possessed with strong powers can enter because the room is guarded by giant axes that weigh thousands of pounds. As the last sign, right before you meet the Devil himself (if you make it past those heavy axes), you’ll find a glowing human skull in that room. 

Hindenburg Crash Site: Lakehurst, New Jersey

The Hindenburg crash was a terrible disaster that took the lives of 35 people. There is a cement memorial in Lakehurst, New Jersey that outlines the Hindenburg across the airfield in the very location where the horrific crash happened. The Hindenburg tried to land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station and instantaneously caught fire displaying huge and rapid combustion.

This particular location might sound a little off but it’s a part of history that is intriguing and to be there and put yourself in the shoes of those people who were on board, just makes you look at life and your very existence quite differently.

Paranormal Museum: Asbury Park, New Jersey

The Paranormal Museum is definitely a crowd-pleaser among thrill-seekers and ghost hunters alike. This museum has the ultimate display of items walking a thin line between what’s real and what’s of another world.

Upon entering this museum, you can expect oddities such as the Hand of Glory, which is a candle holder made from the severed hand of a servant, haunted dolls, a skull that’s rumored to be that of the legendary “Jersey Devil.” . According to Atlantic County, New Jersey, the Jersey Devil has frightened and intrigued people for more than 250 years with tales of this mystical creature. If you visit this museum, will you believe the legends based on the skull displayed?

Whether you believe in spirits or hauntings or not, visiting this museum will surely make any non-believer at least think twice about what they’re seeing and question their sanity!

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