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Six places every traveler should visit in the United States

If you have ever thought about visiting the United States, don’t let the stigma stop you. America is not as bad as the media portrays; it is no different than any other country in terms of friendliness of the people and natural beauty. If there are places you have always dreamed of seeing in the United States, then take the trip you have always wanted to. Go and see those sites.

If you are drawn to the country as some in America are drawn to places like Australia or Aruba, but you don’t know where you want to go, listed below are several of the best locations to visit. These are places of cultural significance or display the splendor of the natural world, or both.

While you are on your American adventure, be sure to blog about it. Sharing your travels with friends back home will give them a sense of awe at the possibilities the country presents. It will also help break the stigma that Americans are unpleasant people to interact with.

Make sure you include pictures with your blog posts. If you weren’t able to capture any good ones, then make use of some free stock photography to enhance your posts. As you write about the varying landscapes of America, adding pictures will help readers visualize what you are describing.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen Colorado

Aspen, Colorado is best known for its hosting of many skiing events. Aspen Mountain is one of many in the Rocky Mountain Range dividing the country and is the pinnacle of skiing adventures in the United States. Not only will you take a lift to the top of the mountain, but you will also witness the beauty of the winter wonderland surrounding you. Snow-covered evergreens are a sight to behold as you look down upon the lodges and village. If you don’t mind the cold, then this is the place for you.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada

There is gambling galore in Las Vegas, and yes it is more of an adult town than a kid-friendly destination. There is more to do in Vegas than spend entire nights in the casinos playing games of chance and hoping for a jackpot. The nightlife is full of astounding music by world-renowned musicians and performers. Cirque du Soleil always has an interesting and entertaining show going on.

For more daytime fun, check out the street art gallery in the Downtown area. Artists from all over the world contributed to the murals on the walls of the city. You can also take a trip out to the Hoover Dam. Here you will see the impressive feats man can accomplish, either during one of the tours or out on the lake from the deck of a boat.

Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World, Orlando

Orlando, Florida. Everyone knows this city. It seems to be the theme park capital of the world. It is home to Walt Disney World – four theme parks and two waterparks in itself. Aside from the magical world of Disney, Lego has a Land all to themselves, and Universal boasts its own adventure in-town. Orlando is also home to SeaWorld where you can see all manner of ocean life, both aquatic and mammalian.

Orlando is not a city just for kids (and child-like adults). There is plenty of outdoor recreation to enjoy in and around the city. For those who want a relaxing game of golf, there are several world-renowned course for you to play 18 holes. You can also explore the trails and reserves, on foot or by kayak, or zipline over the surrounding swamps and wildlife.

You can also catch an American Football game. Not football as it is known through the majority of the world, the American version is more of a contact sport, but if you visit the country, you need to catch at least one game.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

New Orleans is a major center for food and culture. Nowhere is quite like it anywhere in the world. The city has a rich, multicultural history that has blended itself into a unique lifestyle for residents. The food, the language, the architecture – it is all an amalgamation of French, English, and various Native American tribal cultures, along with heavy Spanish and African influences.

Anywhere, Alaska


Anywhere is referring to the fact that you can go anywhere in this arctic state and you will find some amazing places to explore. Mendenhall Glacier Caves allow you to go inside an actual glacier. Surrounded by smoothed walls of blue ice, you can really feel the weight of the glacier sliding across the landscape. The fjords around the glacier are amazing places to view the prehistoric path of the ice as it moves to the ocean.

Viewing the evergreen forests and glaciers from the deck of a cruise ship is one of the best ways to explore the state in comfort. While along the coast, you will see the Alaskan wildlife in their natural habitats, including whales migrating to or from the area. You will also find native Alaskan fishing villages.

Inland, you will encounter hunting villages as you hike through the Alaskan wilderness. Civilization is few and far between, so make sure you are up for an outdoor adventure with all of the supplies required to survive. If you prefer, you can take a guided tour through some of the best spots in the state.


Arizona is home to a number of great sites. The Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, is the most well-known site to visit. The canyon, up to a mile deep in some places, was carved millions of years ago by a rushing river – now the Colorado River. It is 277 miles long and winds and curves its way across the arid desert landscape.

Within and around the canyon, you will find all manner of plant life and native animals. You may also find some Native American settlements in the area, seeing as how they have been living there for thousands of years.

Now that you have several great places to choose from, pack your bags and set out on your American adventure!

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