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Royal Holiday puts safety first for travelers to Mexico

Mexico has been one of the top holiday destinations in the world for decades. Tens of millions come and go every year thanks to the country’s beautiful beaches, rich culture, and mouth-watering cuisine. The vast majority enjoy a memorable time without any hassles and can’t wait to make a return. Only a handful come away with less than ideal experiences. However, these isolated incidents can be enough to make people think twice about their planned vacations. As one of the leading names in the industry, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club makes sure that guests are safe and secure at all times.

How Safe is Mexico for Tourists?

There may be unfavorable news items about Mexico, especially when it comes to crime, but reported incidents are usually concentrated in areas that are away from the tourist hubs. The border towns experience a lot of violence because of the drug cartels but the coastal areas are relatively safe. Even if crimes do happen, these are often away from the resorts with no tourist involvement. Unless travelers venture away from the safe spaces, they should have nothing to worry about. Remember that locals want foreigners to keep coming back so they do their part to make sure that happens.

What Royal Holiday Safety Measures are in Place?

Royal Holiday Mexico and other industry players do everything in their power to secure their guests. They coordinate with the local officials to deploy police in adequate numbers. Tourist police have a reputation of being some of the best in the country. They are highly trained individuals who have earned top marks in their class. They are required to speak English with a good level of fluency in order to serve their audience well. The police force may be augmented by private security guards for each resort, if necessary. As long as people are inside these places, they should be able to walk around with confidence.

It is when they choose to go out that things can be tricky. Mexico is a big place with lots of areas to explore. It is understandable that tourists would want to venture out of their comfort zone and into the wild. It would be best if they could coordinate their plans with their resort or hotel instead of making arrangements by themselves. Hotels know trustworthy taxi operators that they can call to help you go around the towns safely. Unlike many taxis, these will not overcharge or take you to suspicious places.

Even the food and drinks are given a lot of attention for the sake of the guests. Tourists should not worry about the things that they consume within the resorts as all the ingredients are sourced from trusted farms, stores, and markets. Experienced chefs are in-charge of the kitchens so the quality of the food is guaranteed. Of course, there are also plenty of culinary offerings outside. Stick to the reputable establishments to be on the safe side. If any problems occur, then ask the hotel management for recommendations for pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals.

What More Can Travelers Do to Stay Safe?

Although holiday operators do their best to keep travelers safe, not everything is within their control. People can protect themselves by staying inside the resorts, using hotel-approved transport services, and dining in reputable restaurants. If they do venture out, then they should shed all tourist stereotypes such as large cameras, odd hats, and anything else that would make them stand out. Learning Spanish phrases should also help when asking for directions and buying things at the markets. Using pesos instead of dollars is also encouraged.

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