My quarter life epiphany

My quarter life epiphany

My quarter life epiphany 700 394 The Sisters

I was recently introduced to a Facebook travel group called Girls Vs. Globe. If you are a female travel blogger, I urge you to join this group – it is a society of awesome ladies who are really positive, always finding ways to cooperate and will go out of their way to help someone in need.

Looking through the posts in the group I noticed something that caught my eye: it was a cooperation invitation by a girl with a blog called Quarter Life Epiphany. By then I had heard of the quarter life crisis, but never before thought about a quarter life epiphany. If you haven’t heard of neither of those, here’s what quarter life crisis is.

Quarter Life Crisis symptoms:

1. Feeling depressed.
2. Feeling constantly frustrated.
3. Feeling trapped by others’ expectations.
4. Lacking motivation to do whatever.
5. Feeling detached from the world that you don’t seem to fit in.
6. Feeling you’ve failed in everything you’ve done.
7. Feeling you haven’t accomplished enough
8. Feeling everything you do is meaningless and doesn’t take you anywhere.
9. Losing confidence.


About the quarter life epiphany

Dealing with the quarter life crisis is a challenge for everyone. Luckily, at some point you realize that this was just a stage of your life and it may actually be beneficial to you as you can end up getting rid of things and people you won’t need moving forward. Steph from My Quarter Life Epiphany has made an amazing series of interviews with travelers from around the globe and I recommend you take a look at them. You can start by checking out my answers  to her questions. Hope you find them useful.

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