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Preparing for your first trip abroad: 7 essential tips

If you are going on a trip, it is time to get organized and make sure everything is in check before you travel. Here are some essential tips to remember:

Travel Documents

First things first, you need to check your passport is in date and has plenty of time left before expiry. You should check for any visa regulations and make sure all of your travel documents are in order well in advance of travelling. Some things can take several months to sort, so you must make sure to sort these things BEFORE you book a last-minute vacation abroad! 


If you plan on going abroad, make sure you keep your health in check with vaccinations for your destination. Consult your health provider or a travel clinic that specializes in travel medicine to make sure you are fully immunized against any potential viruses and diseases. Some countries require proof of immunization, and you may need an ICVP (International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis). 


Travel insurance is important if you want to make sure your valuables are covered, as well as your travel and your health. Make sure to read carefully what is included in your travel insurance, so you are fully prepared in any accidents or emergencies. You want to make sure you are insured for health treatment in case of sickness, as well as have your belongings insured in case of theft. 


If you are going abroad, perhaps you will want to learn a few key phrases. Learning a new language can be great fun, and whilst most places speak English to a degree, it can be nice to learn and memorize a few useful phrases just in case. You aren’t going to be able to pick up phrases in a day, so if you do want to learn the language, start practicing sooner rather than later.

Eating and Drinking

Going abroad means new cuisines, so be prepared to enjoy trying new foods and getting a taste of the local cuisine. If you have any food allergies, you should prepare a print-out stating your allergy in your destination’s language, so it can be clearly communicated. Some countries have unsafe drinking water, which means that drinking bottled-water-only is essential. 

Do your Research

Before travelling abroad to any country, it is useful to do some research first. Finding out if there are any dress codes, customs or rules and regulations to adhere to is important. You can also look at weather reports to get a good idea about how hot or cold it will be when you visit and to check if there are any times of year to avoid for risk of extreme weather conditions. 


Planning any vacation involves money, so you will need to look at how much your accommodation will cost; if you are staying at a place that offers food deals inclusive in their price, you can factor this in. You should work out how much money you will need to spend each day on food, as well as spending money for souvenirs. If you want to visit certain places, tourist destinations or attractions, these are also things to add into your budget. Don’t forget to add travel costs into your budget too, especially if you need to take taxis or buses to different parts of the city whilst you are there.

Once you have figured out all of the important stuff, you can start packing! With these worries out of the way, you can go ahead and enjoy your vacation. Remember to pack your sun lotion if you are going somewhere hot, and maybe some mosquito repellent too!

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