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Picking the next city that will be your home

Diverse Living Options: More Tangible Than Ever

Taking that dream vacation to Hawaii could be a scouting mission in the modern “digital nomad” landscape of today’s professional class. Where you live permanently used to be consigned to your profession, and the availability of work in your area. But modernity is swiftly changing this.

Can you do menial chores? Well, TaskRabbit can provide you a comfortable living in almost any big city. The same is true of Lyft and Uber. Additionally, there are numerous ways to make money online. You can write articles, you can take surveys, and the list goes on. In fact, you may even work a combination of these crowd-sourced occupation, if it suits you.

The point is, if you’re willing to work, today you can practically live anywhere you want to—provided you’re able to sustain a regular income. So where will you live? Now the choice has more to do with personal preferences than occupational limitations. Following, several locales and modes of living will be explored briefly.

California Dreaming

You don’t have to go to “The Big Apple” to experience that big city vibe—though you can. There is also Miami, Orlando, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas—which do you prefer? Figure out what you’re looking for first, then make your forays this direction.

If you’re looking for apartments for rent in Oakland CA, then you might want to consider those available in the hyperlink. Oakland is just across the bridge from San Francisco, and in a populous area of the country that is temperate year-round, beautiful, full of diverse people that are gentle and open (as the famous San Francisco song says), and worth living in. Oakland is also generally less expensive than San Francisco.

If Oakland doesn’t quite trip your trigger, the village residences in Mountain View CA apts for rent are worth considering to the south and west of Oakland. Mountain View is still part of The Bay Area, and is closer to San Jose, which is north of Santa Cruz and a cavalcade of redwoods.

The Primary Places Of The US

The west coast is diverse and beautiful, the east coast is jam-packed and full of legacy, but there are two additionally populous areas in the country’s middle that are also worth considering. Draw a line from Minneapolis through Chicago to New Orleans, and you’ll find the mighty Mississippi, and associated cities.

Meanwhile, if you go further west, from Billings, Montana all the way down to Albuquerque, New Mexico are a number of historical cities. All along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, there are beautiful little metropolises and towns full of every kind of job and amenity, but less expensive than eastern or western locales owing to present circumstance—you can expect that to change, though; there’s a Colorado migration going on presently.

World Travels Of The Digital Nomad


If all else fails, you can always abscond with specific city life entire and bounce around from hotel, hostel, AirBnB, and family guest-rooms as necessary. Additionally, you might consider the van-dwelling route. Millions of people are living in RVs these days because they’re very cost-effective. It’s a consideration.

You might book passage on a merchant marine vessel and see the world, making exploration money from your hotel room with a laptop using the web in the mornings. The truth is, there are many options today.

So don’t limit yourself based in anachronistic paradigms of lifestyle. Consider what you have, what you want, and how to get where you desire to be. Today such goals are more attainable than perhaps ever in recorded human history.

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