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Pay attention to these tips when planning your upcoming holiday trip

The most exciting time of the year is almost here and most of us are already logged on to travel portals checking out flights and hotels. It is exciting to go on a holiday, however, it only makes sense when you are able to relax and take a break in the true sense. There is no point of the entire investment of time and money if your holiday is plagued with mental stresses and physical discomfort. Although people spend a lot of time planning their flights, hotels, and tours to ensure a memorable trip, they often neglect the most basic essentials that can improve their traveling experience exponentially. If you are planning your upcoming holiday, make sure you focus on the following tips.


Luggage is by far the most important part of your trip. Yet for some odd reason, most people do not pay much attention this bit. For many people, just about any suitcase that would accommodate their belongings easily would be a good pick. That, however, is not the case. Remember that you are going on a holiday and you would want to be as relaxed and stress-free as you can to be able to have the maximum out of your trip. Picking the wrong type of luggage can get you in major problems or can just create unwanted hassles for you? When picking up a suitcase focus on durability, warranty, reliability, security features and of course style. Also, do not forget to factor in your weight and dimensions allowance if going by air. 

Ideally, buy the lightest possible suitcase since bulkier ones will eat up a fraction of your weight allowance. If possible, avoid oversized suitcases and stick to cabin-sized trolley bags. They are easy to carry, convenient, will save your time at the baggage claim and will also allow you to save some money on the cargo fares in case of no-frills airlines.


Backpacks are a must-have regardless of what type of suitcases you are taking along. Even when you are traveling with kids, instead of having separate pieces of luggage, ask your kids to carry their own backpacks so that you get some extra storage space and you go more hassle-free. Backpacks are not only very fashionable, but you can carry them on the cabins. They are also very convenient when you go on expeditions such as jungle trekking or island hopping. When picking up a backpack, make sure you wear it on and check for the back support, pockets, and partitions for organizing and security features. If you are planning to take a trolley bag along, do not go for oversized backpacks.  


 Accessories are a must even on your holiday so that you do not feel underdressed in those photos that you will be posting on social media. However, go easy on the accessories and jewelry because it would be difficult to keep them safe and taking care of them. A wristwatch is a must-have. It will not only look very stylish but will come in handy as a timekeeping device since you cannot rely on battery operated gadgets to keep a check of time. If you want something that is both casual yet classy, bell and Ross watches would be a perfect pick.


By Sandra Hayward

Sandra Hayward is a technology freelance writer. She spends a good deal of her time following tech startups, new technologies, and researching existing technology. When she’s not wearing a writing cap, Sarah likes to volunteer at a local homeless shelter in Toronto where she lives. Sarah also likes talking a walk with her dog in the evening. She can’t resist the urge to take her bike out for a spin over the weekends.

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