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Nations with real cultural highlights

One of the main things that most travellers seek to get from their experiences abroad is a sense of cultural wonder. If you are particularly keen on this, you might even want to experience some genuine culture shock, although that is absolutely not for everybody. But everyone can benefit from experiencing a little interest in a different culture to their own from time to time, and this is something that you should be seeking when you do go travelling. Of course, some places are likely to be more fascinating than others in this regard, and it’s something that can vary hugely in place to place. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the very best destinations for culture – in that they have a high cultural intrigue value which you are likely to appreciate if that is what you are looking for.

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Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, with the capital of Bangkok being the number one tourist destination on the planet. It’s not too hard to understand why if you have ever been there for even one day, as there is just so much to see and do, and culturally it is enormously and endlessly fascinating. A strongly Buddhist culture, the people are famously friendly – so much so that it has sometimes been named the land of a thousand smiles – and you will immediately feel welcome there as much as anywhere in the world, including your home nation, in all likelihood. If you really want a cultural experience, consider going to Bangkok for the Thai New Year – Songkran – which involves a massive water-fight throughout the city. This practice stems from an ancient one of washing clay from your neighbours’ face, and in this melding of the old and new you can see a truly unique aspect of Thai life.


Not far from Thailand geographically but completely unique in terms of culture, Indonesia is another popular tourist spot which has plenty to offer in the way of genuine culture. If you are looking for a true Asian experience unlike anywhere else, then you absolutely have to think about visiting this beautiful country. In particular, you should consider seeing the capital city, Jakarta, which is known for its huge variety of restaurants and things to do. Many of these are deeply steeped in the nation’s own culture, and you will find that you can get to experience much of the true nature of the country this way. It is also an easy and enjoyable place to be a tourist, with many kinds of cheap accommodation going – see for examples – and the whole city is very well priced in terms of cost of living.



Although a world away from many other so-called western countries, Australia actually shares much in common with them, and yet there is something about the country which is just so unique, and which helps to make it such a well-loved and adored tourist destination. Part of the reason for its diversity of culture, of course, is that it is so huge, and even many Australians would admit to not knowing much of the other side of the continent to wherever they happen to live. As a tourist, you are bound to come upon some surprises in terms of the Australian culture. Although there are some things you would expect – surfing, beaches and sun – there are many you might not have thought of. It is a country which keeps on giving as far as tourism is concerned, and it has to be one of the most original places anywhere in the world. You absolutely have to have this on your bucket list if you don’t already, as it is one cultural highlight of planet Earth you should not overlook.



Back to Asia, but to somewhere completely different now. Japan is not actually as often visited as any of the places we have looked into so far, although it does have a highly populated capital, and does seem as though it is entirely full of people. Regardless, there are not many places in the world which are quite as interesting in terms of how their society is structured and what is morally permissible, and you might find that this is one destination which affords you a good deal of culture shock upon visiting. If you are up for that, then it is a hugely fascinating place to be – and if not, you might want to think about visiting anyway but restricting yourself to some of the lesser-visited rural parts of the country. In either case, you are going to find yourself in a beautiful location with some amazing fascinating people and customs all around you.


Sometimes, the place in question is quite so fascinating primarily because of its history, and the many ways in which that history interacts with its present. Egypt is the perfect example of exactly this phenomenon, and it is somewhere that you will want to consider visiting if you are anything at all interested in history, as it is one of the most fascinating histories in the world. Because of the sheer impressive nature of its historic relics – pyramids being the most obvious example of this – you can’t help but marvel at how the culture interacts around them, and for this reason alone it is worth a visit. But even if you are not knowledgeable in the history, it is still an incredibly fascinating culture which you should definitely experience at some point in your life. You will be glad you did, and it will be the kind of experience you can take with you always.

Wherever you do end up going on your travels, always be sure to keep an eye out for the individual cultural differences between the places you visit. There is so much going on in all these different locations, and the closer you pay attention, the more likely it is that you will be blown away.

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