Holiday like a movie star in Miami: how’s, where’s, and what’s

Holiday like a movie star in Miami: how’s, where’s, and what’s

Holiday like a movie star in Miami: how’s, where’s, and what’s 1200 715 The Sisters

There are several places in the world which are simply not fit for budget traveling. Not because it’s impossible, but it’s because budgeting for these locations might (and is likely to) destroy the experience. I know, I know – sometimes travelling on a budget helps you see places from a different perspective, and opens your eyes, and so forth. Still, having a different perspective would mean that you also know the original, right? So, let’s talk about the original, the real deal, and about Miami as the luxurious heaven it should be.

To get things rolling, here’s what we’ll do: we’ll explore the finest of the finest and we’ll talk about the coolest things to do in Miami. And yes, we’ve discussed each of those with experienced travel gurus.

First things first: where to stay in Miami?

Of course, you’ll find billions of accommodation opportunities in Miami, and trust me: each one looks better than the previous. Quite frankly, I don’t think there’s any chance you go wrong whatever you select. Opting for Miami villas, however, may just be the best decision you’ll ever take. And if you do, please make sure you’ve got enough time on your schedule to enjoy the most out of these spectacular properties.

Bars, and clubs, and nightlife for the chosen ones

According to the pro’s there are 3 bars and 3 clubs which happen to be the Miami must-be-seen-at places. The bars are (in no particular order):

  • The Rock Café (no surprises here);
  • Sugar (heavenly garden & a large selection of delicious cocktails);
  • The Corner (the ultimate hipster spot with live jazz and extravagant cocktails).

The bars, which you should most certainly add to your list are:

  • Club Space: find the Terrace and dance the sunrise away under the beats of some of the finest house DJs in the world;
  • LIV Miami: this is THE megaclub of the megaclubs, seen on TV thousands of times and heard in the song of nearly every rapper out there. Visit this place on Sunday – the well-known LIV on Sunday is nothing short than a celebrity-packed party scene;
  • E11even: if you want to leave Miami with a “WOW” forever engraved in your soul, then this is your place. E11even sums up everything that’s intriguing about this city and won’t leave you indifferent.

Yachting your worries away

You didn’t expect us to miss yachts, did you? It’s no secret this is one of the total rich-kids-joys and that’s no coincidence. Unless you get sea-sick easily, please do rent a yacht (with the captain and the rest of the crew) and enjoy the unbelievably spectacular views you’ll be offered.

No, you shouldn’t skip Miami beach

It is exactly what you’ve heard, but there’s nothing like seeing it with your own two eyes. Aside from the spectacular architecture (South Beach Art Deco District shines with a collection of over 800 protected buildings), it’s the collection of movie star-like stunning people that you’ll see around. Some even call it the new Silicon Valley, joking about the use of the synthetic material… We say: to each their own. Miami beach, however, is equally fantastic for all of us, regardless of preferences and likes.

Miami Beach

The CAR!

Some things are clichés, but others are simply classics. A Jacuzzi nowadays is a cliché – a hot tub, however, is classic. Buying a Porsche during midlife crises – cliché. Renting a cabriolet in Miami – classic. Just make sure you know how to close the top so you don’t get surprised by one of the generous afternoon rains 😉

And of course – shopping! Because all this pleasure is too much to handle and it requires urgent shopping therapy!

I personally may not be a huge fan of shopping malls, but even my credit card gets excited thinking about the possibility of shopping in Miami. There’s literally nothing you can’t find there, but what’s even better: all the beautiful items of any woman’s dreams are gathered together, just waiting for their people to go find them… How can one say no to that?

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