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From choosing the perfect travel backpack to conquering nervous flying, this travel blog from iTrek offers useful travel tips and plenty of interesting articles to keep the traveller entertained.

Andrey AndreevAndrey Andreev

Combine a copywriter (the wife) with a photographer (the husband), add some passion for travelling and this is what you get! Although Andrey claims that he isn’t a professional photographer their blog is a work of art that can make anyone pack their bags right away! If you’re looking for some travel inspiration do head off to their page! Screenshot

About Maria & Krassi: We are Maria and Krasi – a couple from Bulgaria, who recently discovered that travelling is not only for the rich and wealthy. There are many affordable ways to go and see your dream destinations and we are trying to show you how. We also love our home country Bulgaria and we are going to take you on a journey to experience it with us. Our motto? Follow happiness… because what’s more important than that! Screenshot

About Adriana: Yeah that’s me! I am in love with the adventures. My life fits in a backpack, by which I dream to travel the world. I believe in the spontaneous decisions, the waves, the smiles, and the magic power of nature. In other words, I live to travel and travel to live. Screenshot

About Steph: I believe in travel as a catalyst for change. I believe in travel as a way to open the eyes of travelers (and locals) to other perspectives, cultures, and beliefs.. while creating empathy and furthering understanding.

I believe in travel as a way to discover your dreams, to deepen your values.. and to question your own beliefs.

About Melissa: Hi! My name is Melissa and I am from Quebec, Canada. I am a random backpacker, a wannabe vlogger who decided to blog about it. Find my broken stories as a traveller with debts and massive doses of craziness.


About Peter and Viky: He is a photographer, mountaineer and hiker. SHe is an artist, writer and mountaineer.