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Best things to do in the Algarve

Portugal might seem like a small country compared to its neighbors, but there resides one of the best places on Earth: the region of Algarve. If you’re planning your next holiday trip, companies like Haven on Earth can arrange for apartments and villas in which you can stay while navigating the region. Nevertheless, what are the best things to do in Algarve during your trip?

Play Golf at Vale do Lobo

Globally, Algarve is notable for its unique and unmatched beauty when it comes to golfing. The year-round perfect climate of Algarve is one of the reasons why this region is crowned with the best golf courses. Combining the quiet surroundings, moderate winds, rich green lawns, and the overlooking pristine waters, Vale do Lobo is every golfer’s paradise. It boasts of outstanding 18-hole courses found in the Royal Golf Course and the Ocean Golf Course. 

The Royal Golf Course is one of the most high-end luxury golf courses in the world, which is home to the island green of the 9th and the famous 16th, surrounded by a moderate shade of pine trees, scenic lakes, and flowers from the wild. On the other hand, the Ocean Golf Course found its way to incorporate the context of the surrounding nature into its design. The nine holes in this golf course are pretty challenging to play, as they run along different nature reserves before arriving at the Atlantic shores. 

By driving a short distance, there are five more championship golf courses that you can find, which are:

  • Laranjal Golf Course
  • Quinta do Lago North Golf Course
  • Quinta do Lago South Golf Course
  • Pinheiros Altos Golf Course, and
  • San Lorenzo Golf Course

Lastly, Vale do Lobo offers more than golf courses, but you can also enjoy their 5-star hotel, shopping center, medical center, spa, restaurants with different cuisines, tennis center, and horse-riding stable. Indeed, Portugal is really one of the best places that you should visit, especially the Vale de Lobo resort.

Take pictures at Cerro da Vila

Algarve has its fair share of history and culture. Aside from enjoying yourself with sports, shopping, and relaxation inside the Vale do Lobo resort, you can take a trip down history lane through the Cerro da Vila in Vilamoura. The ruins of Cerro da Vila is perfect for people who love history. Make sure to get your phones and cameras ready, and take lots of pictures.

Within the Roman Ruins of Cerro da Vila lies the remains of the early human civilization dating back from the Bronze Age, where multiple graves were found in the Casao Vineyard. Later in the 2nd century, the Romans occupied the place during the empire of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus. Under his reign, he divided the Province of Lusitania (former name of Portugal) into three main civitas, or cities that embody the people: Lagos, Silves, and Luz de Tavira. This place was primarily built for agriculture, along with old-style structures and facilities that cater to the people’s daily routines, such as two Roman villas with black and white patterned mosaics, sunken baths, burial towers, and salt tanks. 

After the Roman occupation, Visigoths and Moorish forces also inhabited the land, incorporating their lifestyle upon the Roman-inspired structures. While you may have read these events only in your history book, it’s time to see them personally and take pictures.

Indulge yourself in native food

Algarve has beautiful places that are like hidden jewels in the country. Aside from seeing these amazing places in Portugal, you can also partake of their rich culture through their food. Famous dishes and delicacies around the world represent what they are as a region or country, so what is Algarve’s pride when it comes to the palate?

In Olhao, Algarve’s largest and busiest fishing port, marine life is extremely abundant and lively. While walking around Olhao, you’ll pass by their harbor market featuring varieties of fish and other sea creatures that are caught fresh from the ocean. Their best seafood restaurant in town is the Avenida da Republica, which is supplied by the harbor market, guaranteeing you that every plate served is fresh and full of flavor. After your meal at a seafood restaurant, you’ll see that the marine life significantly complements the array of fruits and vegetables in the market, picked by their best farmers.


After visiting the beautiful place of Algarve, Portugal, your stress and worries will disappear due to the various activities that you can engage in. The trip might cost you a bit, especially when you’re not close to Portugal, but it will be absolutely worth it. 


By Sandra Hayward

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