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6tag: Best Instagram App For Windows Phone

6tag: best Instagram App for Windows Phone

A while ago I got sick and tired of my impotent iPhone battery. After a lot of consideration and looking into Microsoft’s plans for the future, I decided to opt for a Windows Phone. Needless to say, certain sacrifices came along with that decision, but overall I have been extremely happy with my Lumia 1020.

One of Windows Phone’s worst problems however is the lack of good social media apps. Twitter’s official app is unpleasant to use and Facebook is simply ridiculous. Same applies for the official Instagram app and don’t even get me started on all the rest.

Luckily, a while ago I found an app for Instagram called 6tag and ever since, I have been using it like crazy. According to many resources, this app is way better even than the original one for iPhone and Android and the main feature making all the difference is the ability to switch between Instagram accounts. What I personally love about it the most is that it suggests commonly used hashtags while you are typing!

Here are the features, which Windows Central is mentioning in their article:

  • Regram – Repost another person’s Instagram image to your account
  • Multiple Account Support – Users can manage and post from different accounts within the app
  • Hide Sponsored Posts – Lets users hide ads in their photostream
  • Photo features – Ability to use a border and upload full images with top and bottom margins for non-cropped photos

Here are some screenshots of the most awesome features of 6tag! Go ahead and download it here.

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