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4 Adventure Trips in Europe

When people go to Europe, they usually think of seeing all the monuments, struggling to remember high school French and tasting all the different kinds of food. To be honest, those are usually some of the great things about heading out to Europe. 

There is so much to see and you could spend weeks in each country (except for Luxembourg or Liechtenstein) and feel like you haven’t really experienced it all. 

For others, you may be looking for an activity or adventure to accompany or  be the main reason of your trip. You might have some cool adventures on your bucket list and these activities may help you check some off.

Hiking Around Europe

Europe is home to many different mountain ranges throughout many different countries. Some of these hiking trips can take weeks while others take up to just a few days. 

One of the popular is the Tour du Mont Blanc which covers Italy, France and Switzerland. The entire trek takes roughly 11 days and is seen as a more difficult trail. The trail starts in Chamonix in southeastern France and ends in northern Italy.

You can head up north to the Scotland and hike along the West Highland Way. It takes about a week to complete and is seen as an easier hike. You’ll be able to see many different lochs (Nessie may or may not be around) as well as Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain.

If you don’t want as many ups and downs, the Westweg in Black Forest may be a good option. It’s been a hiking trail for over 100 years and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It can take anywhere from five days to two weeks, depending on the route.

Biking Around Europe

Biking is the perfect way to explore nature, travel through multiple countries and see some great sites along the way. Europe has tons of bike trails and even some plans to span the whole continent.

El Camino de Santiago starts in France and is a popular trek for bikers and walkers alike. This nearly 500 mile path takes you through major Spanish cities before finishing in Santiago de Compostela. You can enjoy some great wine and Spanish tapas along the way. 

The Adige Cycle Path in Italy’s northern region of Trentino Alto-Adige will take you into a forest wonderland. You start in the Alps and work you way down to Verona, the romantic city that is home to the story of Romeo and Juliet. 

The Capitals Route is an amazing bike trek that will take you across the Netherlands and all the way to Berlin. You’ll be with lots of other Dutch bikers but one of the best parts is you rarely have to use a map. The entire cycle way is dotted with signs and distance markers. 

Fishing in Europe

It’s time to grab your fishing gear and see what you can get to bite. Surrounded by water, Europe has no shortage of great fishing trips and areas.

Head up north to Norway and then head even further north. Be sure to dress appropriately as you go fishing either along the shore of the Lofoten Islands or deep sea fishing for halibut and coalfish.

Explore the Orkney Islands and the surrounding lochs in Scotland to see what you can catch. You will find a wide variety of fish like salmon, trout, bass, cod and shark.

If you want some warmth, go to the Canary Islands in Spain. The weather is perfect year round and you’ll be able to fish for shark, blue marlin, tuna and wahoo.

Camping in Europe

You could combine your love for hiking and camping into one or you could just go for an exclusive camping trip.

Head over to Austria and explore the many camping sites close to Innsbruck. You’ll be in the shadow of the Alps the whole time and quite close to some beautiful, picturesque villages and towns. 

While Le Brevedent may sound French, you’ll actually find this pristine camping site in Norway. It was King Louis XVI former hunting and vacation sites. It’s also a great place for families or those with children.

Take a ganter at the unusual camping tents and houses at D’Olde Kamp in the Netherlands. You’ll be surrounded by wildlife and may even get to feed an animal or two!


By Shane Haumpton

Shane Haumpton is a contributing writer for several websites and blogs. She has written on a variety of topics, ranging from lifestyle, photography, travel, and arts and crafts to gadgets, social media, and internet safety. This self-confessed coffee addict and shutterbug manages to do all these while enjoying life as a first time mother.

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