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Summer work and travel programs for the students from Bulgaria

Profile of a Successful Applicant

To begin with, the United States Embassy that is located in Sofia gives Bulgarian students a chance to get a great experience abroad. A significant number of its offers implies the students’ participation is Summer Work and Travel Programs (SWT). During the previous several years, more than six thousand students from Bulgaria have visited a number of different countries with the help of this organization. The interesting thing is that, by means of such programs, students have the opportunity to improve their English language. Apart from that, they gain significant experience in different working fields.

First of all, in the case, if students want to participate in the Summer Work and Travel Programs, they should have a decent knowledge of English language. Secondly, these individuals should be sociable, communicative, and flexible. Another requirement for participation in Summer Work and Travel Programs is a full-time mode of attendance. In this case, all the individuals that attend vocational schools, distance learning schools, and the secondary educational establishments for the adults are not allowed to take part in these programs. The important thing that should be mentioned is the fact that all the students that have already participated in such programs have a chance to try their hands several times as well.  You can read more essays on travel topic on this site.

One of the most important requirements is that the applicants should ensure the Bulgarian consul that they will return to their native country after the program ends up. Hence, when students have to study one year and more to graduate from their colleges and universities, in the most cases, they are given a chance to participate in Summer Work and Travel Programs. In general, there are no age restrictions for the participants of these programs. However, the individuals that want to travel abroad using this service should be of a normal students’ age.


Application Process and Application Package

All the participants of the Summer Work and Travel Programs travel abroad under the direction of the different American sponsors. Usually, such sponsors are responsible for a significant number of issues related to the running of the entire process. Firstly, they have a responsibility to help the students find proper job placement. Secondly, the United States’ sponsors are responsible for the ensuring the programs’ success. Since there is a great number of different agencies that offer this kind of service, students have a chance to choose the organization that will help them travel to the United States.

Another step that should be highlighted is the applying for a visa. Every applicant for the participation in the program should pay a visa application fee that costs approximately one hundred sixty dollars. It is important to remember that this payment is non-refundable. Those individuals who failed to get a visa, have the opportunity to reapply. What about the application package contents? Every applicant should provide the valid passport, SEVIS fee payment receipt, student book, and additional photo. Also, it is required to have particular application forms. Each of the agencies may require a different list of the application forms mentioned above.

Arriving in the United States

When the participants of Programs arrive in the United States, the U. S. sponsors should provide them with the copies of all the required documents. The important thing is that the United States Department should provide the participant with the twenty-four-hour a day phone line where the individuals may get necessary help and support. Hence, in the case, if they face some challenges or if they have particular complaints, the students may use this service. According to the statistics, some participants of these programs may have different complaints regarding their job placement. In this case, the managers of the day-and-night phone line are required to provide these individuals with proper support. In turn, the U. S. sponsors may help the participants change their job placements. Although the process of application may seem a considerably challenging issue, usually, it is simple and well-organized. A lot of students that have experience in these programs tend to use this service and apply for participation again and again.

Now you are armed with the necessary knowledge about the program; that is why do not hesitate and try your skills. Remember that such experience is priceless as you have the opportunity to improve your English and develop your erudition. Good luck!

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