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How to get to the famous bench near lake Bled

If you are planning a trip to Slovenia and a visit to lake Bled you have most probably seen this picture:

This is perhaps the most famous bench in the whole of Slovenia. And no wonder  – it offers one of the most stunning views to lake Bled we can ever imagine and attracts tons of photographers every single day.

Because we struggled finding it the last time we were there, I decided to put this little piece together to help you find it quick and easy.

How to get to The Bench on lake Bled

Lake Bled is surrounded by several hills and it seems that each one has someting special about it. Before we manage to find the correct route, we got the wrong hill and only realized it after about 40 minutes of climbing. After seeing two different benches (which were not The Bench) we got to a hill and then we saw it. It was sitting there, 500-600 meters away from us. The only problem was that we had to go down and then up again… And we did.

The beginning of the path that will take you to the bench on lake Bled starts on the left side of camping Bled (which looks absolutely lovely). The “hike” is really not a big deal. Although the path is really steep, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to arrive at The Bench. And that, if you’re walking slowly and not stressing yourself.

Few tips

The signs

Watch the signs. Apparently, Slovenians have decided to make it as simple as possible, so watch the shape of the signs. If the shape of the sign is a pine tree, then you’ll end up at a very large pine tree. Or looking for a bench that’s not there.

The sign you need to see so you know you’re on the right path is this one:

It is not a marked path, but…

…even so, it is still quite logical. If you don’t use navigation and you begin the path to The Bench you’ll soon arrive at a crossroad where the path meets a dirty road. Continue right. After another few minutes you’ll have to take the right path again, but luckily, this location is marked with a sign. It looks like this:

A little more sweating and you’re there. And this is your view:

We hope you have a sunny day with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. We were not that lucky (as you can see from the shots) but it was still worth every single step and every drop of sweat.

And for those of you, using navigation, here are some useful links that will help you get to the bench

  • HERE Maps location of the beginning of the path [link]
  • HERE Maps location of The Bench [link]
  • Google Maps location of the beginning of the path [link]
  • Google Maps location of The Bench [link]

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  1. I was there this year but it was after snowing, so the road was … little bit dangerous. But its worth of it 😀

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